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Oh, he must be the smart one.

I was watching the debate the other night with my mom. She is what I would describe as an "average voter." She doesn't follow politics, and this is the first debate she had watched. It was interesting to get her read on things.

After one of Ron Paul's answers, she exclaimed "oh, he must be the smart one."

This remark gave me some hope because, while this is obvious to those of us who actually study the candidates in some detail, I didn't realize that people would "get it" from any of these silly sound-bite style debates.

What did she think about the other candidates (just as a data point):

She thought Romney won the debate, but said she wouldn't vote for him.

She thought Huntsman was good looking.

She seemed to like Herman Cain the best. She thought he projected confidence and common sense.

Looks like I have some "work" to do.

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I thought Newt did better

I thought Newt did better than anyone but Ron that night..odd she did not mention him. That 9-9-9 thing of Cain's sucks. Means everyone HAS to pay 18% of their income to the feds, and who knows how much more in taxes to the states. No deductions. Raises prices across the board 9%. He can forget my acceptance.