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FactCheck.org article on RP television ad

This article appeared on FactCheck.org regarding RP's television ad:


Also, Factcheck.org found MANY accuracy problems by Romney and Perry during the debate, which is available on their page (no errors from RP though).

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i think dr. paul

should reference his resignation letter from the gop, if confronted with it again in debates. challenge the voters to read it for themselves. i think they may like it. it is consistant with everything dr. paul has been saying for years.

I think the truth is that Ron

I think the truth is that Ron Paul is more faithful to Ronald Reagan's original ideas than Ronald Reagan himself was after he became President.

I was never much of a fan of Reagan because he was the President who got conservatives happy with unending deficits. He also spent too damn much on the military and got involved in illegal foolishness like the Iran Contra Affair.



Whatever "success" that may come from this hit-piece commercial, it will have blowback. I hope it's worth it.

Agreed. I don't like seeing Dr. Paul put out attack ads.

They always end up with the attacker having egg on his face.

Good Job

It can't hurt him since they quote him directly and he's always consistent.

Dr. Paul was clear that it was the message he still supports.

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FACT Check

is as biased as they come. They play fast and loose with the "facts" when it serves their purpose.

Evidence, please

The only problem I had checking them against Ron Paul last campaign was they dinged him for saying that rolling back the budget to ___ year, would save enough to do away with the income tax.

I believe they failed to subtract the savings that would be realized by not having the IRS bureaucracy, but that could be an honest mistake.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


I'm glad that they quoted from Dr. Paul's resignation letter why he left the repugnant party.

Ronny was never really the same after someone shot him. Curious, that the shooter has ties to a bush, isn't it?