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Daily Show Covers the GOP Debate.

GOP candidates square off at the presidential debate, Rick Perry rickrolls Mitt Romney, and Marion Cotillard discusses her fear of contagion. (shows some clips of Dr. Paul's answers)


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We shouldn´t over analyse too

We shouldn´t over analyse too much what Jon Stewart said about Ron POaul in this clip. He HAS to make fun of everyone. Look at the way he made fun of Bachmann in that same clip. If he´s always only praising Paul he will be called a shill for Ron Paul. (I wish we had a couple shills in the media for Ron Paul..) His job is to make fun of politicians. Last time I checked, Ron Paul is a politician... What is important is that he´s actually making funof him and not ignoring him. Keep everything in perspective. Ron Paul is getting big and so we should expect more critisism. And rightfully so...

Not on our side

I'm greatful that Jon threw RP a bone exposing media bias, but lets not mistake him for a RP supporter. In the end he's a Democrat and he's going to support Obama when it comes down to it. In this latest video he tried to make RP look like a crazy old man, by cutting his answers up and not leaving any context.

It was the Jon Stewart piece

It was the Jon Stewart piece that sold me on Ron Paul.

this one or msm thing?

Was it this piece or mainstream media bias piece?

It was the msm bias piece. I

It was the msm bias piece. I sent it to a number of people who were not very aware of Ron Paul and I think it had a real effect on them. Several told me that it woke them up to the fact that media is lying to us.

You must understand...

that Jon Stewart was most likely chewed out for his masterpiece editorial for exposing the fraud that is our media in August.

He may be the host of his show and have a lot of creative input but ultimately someone else is cutting his paycheck.

To make amends with his corporate bosses, he decided to compare him to Kramer.

I used to watch Seinfeld a lot and Kramer clearly was the Larry of the 3 stooges.

Stewart is scared no doubt, but he didn't do us any favor by adding that Ron Paul is man of ideas while comparing him to Kramer. I pity Stewart for his lack of conviction.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

response to someone's Q about the Kramer remark...

Kramer always would come up with an idea that was so outrageous no one would try it, then it would turn out to be the best idea ever...then something would go wrong on his own accord in a typical Seinfeld manner.

ex: he decides to put a hot tub in his apt...suddenly his apt is practially a spa resort, he's got the windows open because it's so hot in there...then he falls asleep in the tub and the power goes out and he wakes up freezing and sick because the windows were open.

So by comparing RP to Kramer, which is clearly just a joke but probably what a lot of Americans of the status-quo think about RP, Stewart is saying Ron Paul is an Ideas-man but he is perhaps a bit too off the wall for America's mainstream electorate.

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Too much info for prime time...

To those of us that know what happens to governments when they get too big and move toward fascism, this answer makes sense and to the folks that are yet not picking up on the trend of our own governments move toward fascism this is a joke.

So yeah the general public is not ready to hear that their trusted government would ever use walls to keep them in. Our currency could never collapse and the wealthy people would never want to leave in droves to avoid the dissorder that would in sue. It will always be so good here that you will want to stay even if you have the means to leave.

Although I was very surprised to hear that comment on national TV. You just don't expect to hear the truth on the TV.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Stewart does a great job

Jon Stewart does a great job of showing what a farce the Debates are, and how the U.S. Media controls and manipulates elections.

The Media always creates the "winners", and the election narrative, and the voters have all their real choices removed ahead-of-time before the voting is even done.

Notice how none of the 2011 debates even have a Text-Poll or call-in Poll taken immediately after the debate anymore. Back in 2007, Ron Paul was winning all those polls.

So now they've stopped doing them altogether, so that the Media can just now announce who the "winners" are, and who mattered and who didn't.

I don't know...

I take offense at the Kramer comparison.

What was the Kramer allusion about, anyone know?

It just showed footage of Kramer but nothing out of his mouth.

In all honesty

he did a lousy job answering that question. It was the only question I cringed and looked away from the t.v. during. Comedy is comedy and I'm all for making fun of anything/anyone. Stewart is a comedian and that was an easy piece to rip on. Stewart isn't a cheerleader for Paul, but he'll present the facts with humor. The fact was it was a poor answer and Stewart probably really is undecided on Paul. He knows he's intellectually consistent and honest. He also supporters Paul's foreign policy and ending Prohibition. But answers like that are even strange to supporters like myself.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

I liked his answer, actually

We SHOULD think about that fence. The Berlin Wall analogies are valid. What keeps them out will also keep you in. In the age of No Fly Lists, random checkpoints, and as the TSA expands its scope both geographically and physically on our persons, we cannot deny that our freedom to travel is under assault.

Increasing numbers of people are being immobilized, in keeping with the pattern of totalitarian governments through the 20th century. This is a drastic situation that few are taking seriously. And just because a pandemic of ignorance makes serious issues fodder for humor doesn't mean we can afford to ignore them ourselves.

Absolutely, positively

Absolutely, positively agree...

"The times call for courage. The times call for hard work. But if the demands are high, it is because the stakes are even higher. They are nothing less than the future of human liberty, which means the future of civilization." – Henry Hazlitt

Kramer is the whacky guy on Seinfeld...

so Ron Paul is the whacky guy in the GOP debate.

I just finally saw the segment for the first time, and agree with some below that it was very unfavorable and the net effect for Ron Paul was negative. Very disappointing after the great segment a couple of weeks ago about the media ignoring RP after the Iowa straw poll.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I agree, the net effect was negative.

What came through strongest was Jon Stewart's confusion about Ron Paul- it seems he just doesn't know whether he likes him or not. When he said that Ron Paul is the idea man, that was probably sarcasm (although it was ambiguous...we'd have to know how aware Stewart is of America's serious state of decline).

Yet he made that sarcastic remark after spotlighting many of Ron Paul's best points which, in the past, he unequivocally praised. So, Jon, is RP the idea man or not? It's a shame he doesn't seem to know, and it's a shame he doesn't know what a dud that is for comedy, to be just be ambiguous and make funny faces. It's also a lost opportunity to help our country.


I got the impression that he was attempting to back track on his public admiration for RP - perhaps he felt self-conscious about being tied to us after all that recent attention. It seemed like a lame attempt to save face (sort of).

Regardless, I don't appreciate his pretend "confusion" about where RP stands - or the "kooky" Kramer comparison - both reinforce false and negative talking points about RP.

Agreeing with your agreement

:) And adding that it was especially lame of Stewart to not allow RP to finish what he was saying about bring gasoline prices down to a dime. That was just plain low.

I think he embarrassed himself on this show, by putting his own inner conflict between career success and personal integrity on display.

Stewarts Opinions

I think stewart has a soft spot for anyone who will stand by their beliefs. That being said, i don't think Jon's beliefs coincide with Pauls (foreign policy yes, but not stuff at home). The problem with the rational minded people like Jon Stewart is that they think people like paul who advocates getting rid of the minimum wage, or FEMA, or Medicare and other government run programs is inhumane, and not showing compassion for people. The thing that drives me nuts is Pauls views would statistically help more people....it's counterintuitive to think that getting rid of the minimum wage would actually produce more prosperity. It's counterintuitive to think that getting rid of FEMA would benefit society. Unless they dig into history books written by the Tom Woods' of the world, they will never truly comprehend the compassion of a free society and it's ability to always statistically take care of more people than the alternative. I think that's the barrier between Paul and the Jon Stewarts or Rachel Maddows.

MOST liberals are as brainwashedd as the Rinos

so until they see the proverbial "light", they will continue down the path of the most popular ideas of the day, aka the herd instinct. Jon is being introduced to Ron's ideas. To ever diss Ron Paul, let's be clear, is to diss OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.

Pure and simple.

Ron Paul's ideological beliefs follow this elevated, yet very "normal" way of thinking about America, as she was originally intended and founded.

In NO way does he suggest that he would arbitrarily, dictatorially, make sweeping changes in this country, so to make critical remarks, or to make demeaning remarks, just means to me that the people with the "popular" political thoughts of the day don't comprehend much, if anything at all.


Their fear that he would make sweeping changes (which he couldn't anyway) in their "social programs" is completely unfounded. Period.

RON PAUL would bring the troops home FOR REAL, and he would EDUCATE THE MASSES TO THE TRUTH, the REAL TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.........so that they would be able to finally remove the crooks from office & re-elect men/women of integrity.


They never will comprehend these "counterintuitive" social solutions unless they research, or happen to experience an uncannily good brainstorm.

I agree that Stewart naturally likes honest people. I think comedy gives him the opportunity to make honest, funny observations without having to be held responsible for them. I remember him accusing Tucker Carlson of being pathetic, basically, with his reporting. Tucker shot back that Stewart was no different. But Stewart had his out, his ace up his sleeve: "It's not my job to report the news, I'm just a comedian." Yet the comedian is actually more powerful. That's why humorists like Dilbert creator Scott Adams get hired by the Pentagon to develop propaganda. No one wants to be the one who doesn't go along with a joke. So they couch messages in jokes.

CSM: Jon Stewart thinks Ron Paul should be America's 'idea guy'

Article from Christian Science Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/Vox-News/2011/0909/Jo...

'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart has a bit of a soft spot for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, which led him to suggest a new government post for Congressman Paul.

Jon Stewart loves Ron Paul. OK, maybe “loves” is too strong a word here. The "Daily Show" host appreciates GOP presidential hopeful Congressman Paul of Texas quite a bit. That doesn’t mean he wants him to win, though.

“I don’t know if he should be president or have any kind of power but I like him as our idea guy,” said Mr. Stewart during his roundup on Wednesday’s Republican debate from the Reagan library.

Continue Reading:

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Amazed at how rigged the debate really was

thanks to Stewart, we find out or should say confirmed at how bias MSNBC really is.

He was brilliantly succinct about that rigging:

after showcasing all the talking heads exclaiming about the fighting between Perry and Romney at the debate, he remarks about how unsurprising that was considering how it was all STAGED to turn out that way.

Stewart asks something like, "How did they know there would be fire? Is it because months before the first vote will be cast, they decided who the top two candidates were, put them next to each other in a debate and asked questions to get them to antagonize each other?...or do they just have precognition?"

Gratuitously long edit: I wrote this immediately after watching the show, before the whole thing sank in. The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I was at Stewart's treatment of our man, hence the comments above. Still...this part WAS good.

Amazing WSJ poll

URL: http://online.wsj.com/community/groups/election-day-684/topi...

News tip for WSJ: the American people are not children or fools.

Here’s a poll for you:

Following reading these poll options, which media outlet do you see as having the barest shred of intellectual integrity or journalistic ethics?

(1) The Wall Street Journal
(2) The Wall Street Journal
(3) The Wall Street Journal
(4) Some other media outlet

Option (4) for me; and so far for 42% of other thinking people.

Paul ante portas.

This is a candidate for the

This is a candidate for the blatant poll manipulation of the week. What this poll really asks is: To the subscribers of the WSJ, which of the following candidates will best support you receiving government bailouts for your no-risk malinvestments?

With All Your Getting, Get Some Understanding...

I can't see where watching the debates are a learning experience for me. Maybe you could justify educating a young person on how not to behave with regard to these rigged debates. These are not true debates. To me a honest debate or dialog would include and these candidates would be asked serious questions about important issues and then allowed to explain their solutions given ample time. Giving a candidate 30-45 seconds to respond to a stupid question is a meaningless waist of the electorates time and really accomplishes nada. This is not the proper way to vet a candidate.

As long as the controlled media continues to call these gatherings of presidential candidates a debate, which it is not, I will continue avoid them in favor of a good competitive baseball game. I'll leave The TV watching of these circus events to the mindless blathering talking heads. I refuse to watch the same political nonsense on TV.

I hate most of the political dialog and most of the candidates, but I do love listening to a sensible man like Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a very good example of the type of man we could all learn and grow from.

As far as I'm concerned the country would be a better place if American could find some enlightenment before the Republic is lost.

I don't care anymore to listen to these demonic creaturs like Perry and Romney. Anyone giving them credibility is simply like agreeing with the Devil..

I got my first glimpse of understanding at the Rudy

debate in the last election. A light bulb went on and nothing has been the same since.

When truth is spoken by Ron, no matter what the context or format, there may be an ear ready to hear. I think that's how he keeps going in spite of all the "stuff".


Link to exact segment

Please link to the exact segment, so they will see the interest when he mentions Ron Paul.