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How to get a primary vote for Dr. Paul from unlikely sources

This past weekend I was visiting with my parents. My dad is a life-long Republican, and I credit him with instilling in me a love of freedom and an understanding of the rationale of limited government.

However, I "woke up" in 2007, and he has yet to see the light even though we agree on most issues. Politics is a common topic of conversation between us, and we got into a pretty heated debate about RP vs. other republican candidates. He has not picked a horse yet, but it's not RP. I have repeatedly told him that if RP doesn't get the nomination I will likely not vote in the general election. This always makes him angry because that is "equivalent to a vote for Obama". So the conversation ended with no minds changed. The next day, I had an epiphany and I made this proposition to him:

I would agree to vote for the Republican candidate in the general, if he would vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

IT WORKED! Chalk up one more vote for Dr. Paul.

I'm posting this here because I bet many of you know someone like my father who doesn't really like any of the candidates, but hates Obama. Dad figures RP won't win the primary anyway so as long as I vote against Obama, he wins. (In his mind anyway). Just thought I'd put that out there for anyone who knows someone of similar disposition.

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With some people, this could work.

People who are mainly just Republicans without a person in their sights might think voting for RP in the primary doesn't really matter. Maybe they don't even vote in the primaries anyway.

Good for you.


Wilder/Bradley effect

Hope it Does work!!!

Can't help but think of the Bradley/Wilder effect though.

Like... he can Say that... but once it's just him alone in the booth....

That's true. It's on the

That's true. It's on the honor system, and I verbally acknowledged that to him when I made the proposition. And that goes both ways.