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Politico : Perry Fully Committed To Florida Straw Poll

Politico : Perry Fully Committed To Florida Straw Poll

Leading Republican presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann say they won't risk their top tier perception by participating in the Florida GOP's Presidency 5 straw poll, even though they will spend plenty of time courting Florida activists in the two days leading up to the Sept. 24 mock election in Orlando. But the Rick Perry presidential campaign confirms to the St. Petersburg Times that the Texas governor is all in.

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Worked for Guiliani?!?!?!

The Florida or bust move for Perry? So what if Paul wins Iowa and Mittens wins New Hampshire and Nevada.

Maybe I missed it, but what

Maybe I missed it, but what is the Paul campaign doing there?

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Wife and I are registered delegates

to vote in the straw poll at Presidency 5. There will be many more like us there. The support in Florida is much larger than many realize.

Many county RECs have large amounts of RP supporters now as precinct persons.

The biggest problem is you had to pay nearly $300 to be a delegate.

So if you are from florida you may still be able to become delagates as many counties couldn't sell all the spots.

Check with your local county Republican Exec Committee.

thats a bit classist isn't

thats a bit classist isn't it? "Only people who can afford $300 can be a delegate"...

it is what it is

Have the campaign bring...

...a straightjacket and Hannibal Lecter mask just in case.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Just in time for...


SteveMT's picture

How about: Perry should be committed after FL Straw Poll!

That sounds a lot better to me.

Watch out for Rick

he will play dirty, no doubt. He's such a Bush clone it ain't even funny. They have no scrupples when it comes to politics. Nothing would surprise me out of Perry.

alan laney