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"Ron Paul: Call him a nut "

Ron Paul: Call him a nut . . The author of this garbage needs an education. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/post/ron-pau...

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If Ron Paul is a nut

Fine. I'm a nut too. Now let's get this guy elected!

Trey4RonPaul: My reply ....

Erik Wemple you must be 20, for you have no understanding of government and its love for power over its own people. Ron Paul has witnessed 60 years of a Soviet Iron Curtain, decades of a Yellow Curtain, and countless dictators around the world that would not let their citizens leave. Given the police state that we are now in, it is not foolish for Ron Paul to warns us that a fence works both ways, it can keep us in. With talk of a militarized national boarder, with fences and M-16s and Predator Drones and 24 hour surveillance, Dr Paul's warning is very wise. Ron Paul is no nut, he is a principled libertarian which means he holds consistently to the principle of Individual Rights for everyone to their own Life, Liberty and Property, justly acquired. Understand that and then you will understand how Ron Paul can be against the Drug War, for ending the Income Tax, and be against the 6 wars we now have going on. It might all seem nutty to you, but that is because you don't come from any principled political position. You are an amalgam of political positions that when held up to the light of reason are full of bright holes. There is no thread of logic to the the Left vs Right hodge-podge positions today, common as they are. Take a look at them over the decades and see how they have changed. Then look at Dr. Paul's libertarian-Constitutionalists positions and see how they have not changed. What is nutty is fools like you who flutter around pretending to have something interesting to say, but can't come up with anything other than a lame complaint. What you are is an annoying "Conformity Enforcer". Yet this social organism called America is working out some serious changes right under your conformity nose. By the time you realize that "America has changed" America will have no use for you. It is you who are nuts for not learning and adapting and seeing a brilliant original politician when you see one. History will Remember Ron Paul fondly and disdain the conformity enforcers "who refused to listen" to "the wise one" in America's troubled hour.

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why post negative PR on dailypaul?

no point infighting every little blogger in every nook of the internet?

lets focus on the 18 positive articles that are on google right now.

My comment to Mr. Wemple, the hack.

EriK Wemple. Let me say that your article is as original in thought, research, and objectivity as Bill O'reilly is dedicated to professional journalism. You see, Ron Paul's statements take more thought than simply listening to the words. I blame Dr. Paul a little, because he tends to assume that the corporate media conditioned public & cynical, status-quo loving pundits will piece his words in context as it pertains to history & economic theory that exceed the traditional levels of education.

Maybe he thinks people will actually dig deeper for meaning and truth as oppose to blindly believing catchy, party approved slogans by smooth-talking politicians who pander with every breath mustered. It's easy to pitch one-liners like, "I hate cancer," to an unassuming audience who will obviously agree, because who could argue with that, right?

To tell a corporate media conditioned audience & pundit hacks, like yourself, that constructing a massive fence with soldiers in guard towers is not what America is all about, takes boldness & sincerity. This is where one has to bring his words in context and draw parallels with recent history & the plausibility of unforeseen unintended consequences based on decisions made without foresight.

Complacent Americans think that the horrors & injustices of the past can never occur to them, simply because "this is America, that could never happen here." But in a time of economic crisis or catastrophic event it isn't unreasonable to believe that the very things that are used to protect us, can also be used against us. The Patriot Act was created to protect us, yet it can be used against us. It was passed without retrospection or foresight, and in clear violation of our constitution. To trade our liberties for security, as Benjamin Franklin said, "deserve neither liberty nor security." Was the Berlin Wall built just to keep the fascists from preventing the "will of the people" to build a socialist state? No. It was very much used to keep their populace in. The guards in their towers made sure of that with loaded rifles. Same can be said about North Korea. Oh, but this is America, it could never happened here. Perhaps not, but nothings impossible in these interesting times we live in.

This was Paul's point, Mr. Wemple.

I'm ok..

with them calling RP a nut. The more they do it the more people check him out. And the more people check him out the more new supporters he gets. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

My reply...

I wonder if the German people called their president 'Der Nuss' when the Berlin Wall went up?

I've been burned too many times by silver-tongued politicians. Ron Paul's no slick plastic Rick ninja master of the sound bite that's certain - but he's the most honest, conservative, trustworthy, intelligent, prescient, unfettered candidate running. All the others represent total Status Quo, and they're all already owned by special interests, or otherwise corrupt and unacceptable.

If you want your children to grow up debt slaves, and meat for the war machine - good on ya. I'll have no part of it. I will never vote for Evil ever again.

You can call me a nut, a Paulbot, Paulite, even a Paultard - just don't call me late for voting day!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


great points


are for blow-hards.

The "nut" label is getting tired and old.

If Ron Paul is a nut then I'm a rocket scientist.

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