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To Ron: Purchase National TV Time

Forget the 'Debates'
Posted on September 8, 2011 by Lew Rockwell
Writes Dom Armentano:

"This is a crucial time in the Ron Paul canidacy. The MSM and the so-called debates are marginalizing Ron's message. Non-interventionism in the economy and in foreign affairs cannot be explained convincingly in debates with statists or in a 20 second sound-bite response to some idiot from NBC. In my view Ron must go AROUND the MSM/debate format and speak directly to the American people. He needs a "game changer" and this could be it.

"My suggestion: Ron should buy time (say 15 minutes) on a national tv network and deliver a major foreign policy address. This would allow him to logically lay out his (our) non-interventionist position and call for an end to all foreign wars. After all, this is the one issue that distinguishes Ron from the other Republicans and, obviously, from the White House. Moreover, the public is entirely fed up with the wars and will (in my view) support a candidate who makes a solid moral and economic case for "bringing the troops home." I am aware that Ron has repeatedly made the argument I suggest; BUT it has been made in regional campaign speeches (this is a national issue with strong Independent support) or in these idiot debates where the message is fractured or ridiculed. Right message but wrong forum or medium. This can be corrected with a nationally televised talk."

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Yes, Yes, and

Yes. Great idea, need more funds for this to work. It could also be created by a grassroots effort in local networks.

E Pluribus Unum

The Campaign..

is right now asking for $150,000 in donations for this exact purpose. To keep the ones they have up and running going for a while longer.

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To Ron: Purchase National TV Time


Can you refer me to the Campaign site where they mention this?

Thanks, Michael

I received it..

as an email from Benton last thursday.

Here is a writeup about it at ronpaulforums:


There was a post about it here on Daily Paul but DP search is pretty much useless... :p

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