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GOP candidates are trying to commandeer Dr. Paul's message. The campaign MUST respond!

Rick Perry...on military adventurism and keynesianism??!?!?!...you have got to be kidding me


The establishment are at it again. Not only are other GOP candidates making themselves look like they know what Ron Paul is talking about, they are deliberately using Dr. Paul's language and they are using it to drown him out.

This is VERY threatening to our campaign and the campaign must point out their disingenuous bandwagon mentality. This is the point of the campaign where they are now attacking us and using our own message against us.

They are trying to take these words as their own to diminish Dr. Paul's differences from the rest of the bunch. All they think they need to do is to say a couple of these 'liberty phrases' and then they can seem like they understand the issues. Be VERY weary of their language that they use from here on out. They are, what other people have said, parroting Dr. Paul, in order gain credibility amongst voters who might have otherwise chosen Paul as their choice. Ron needs to point out the commandeering of his word usage and make them sound like fools in the process.

I mean come on!

Rick Perry:...points out the failures of Keynesianism and the ideas of military adventurism?

Backmann....talking about status quo and of the tea-party?

Gringrich.....mentioning the importance of auditing the FED?

Huntsman...saying we should bring our troops home from Afghanistan?

Romney.....claiming that we should bring our troops home from the first debate?

This is very dangerous language. They are trying to claim these things as there own! It would be nice to think that they are coming around to our viewpoints, but I'm sorry to have to tell you that This is not the case at all. The other candidates campaign managers are well aware of the threat of Ron Paul and will do anything to marginalize and try and push him away from the top-tier rank that he has risen to.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Remember that phrase? Well we are at the "fight you" phase and let me tell you...it will get dirty. We can use this to our advantage, but only till a certain point. If the Paul campaign doesn't put out a response to their parroting of Dr. Paul I fear that they will continue do make more claims of being true liberty supporters.

We also need to make them accountable ourselves too. We need to call out these career politicians on their subsequent shenanigans. We need to go to their rallies, townhall meetings, speeches and personally challenge them on their remarks and their hypocritic voting record...make them explain their views on keynesianism, the fed, bringing our troops home and on what it means to be against the status quo? Video taping these small interviews is key too. If you don't video tape it, it didn't happen-is what a say!

For Liberty,

- Brennan

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