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Millions Against Monsanto campaign funded by Rockefeller and Merck!

The so called "Organic" Consumer's Association released this response.... http://www.activistpost.com/2011/01/reponse-to-false-accusat... after activists started calling them out for their Merck and Rockefeller funding after finding it a little fishy that they would attack Whole Foods so much rather than Monsanto, who they claim to be against, especially considering Whole Foods is probably Monsanto's largest competition.... they are the country's largest distributor of organic, non-gmo foods, and they lead efforts all over the world to promote organic farming. The OCA just released another Whole Foods attack piece(also promoted on the "Millions against Monsanto" facebook page) and I inquired again about their funding before I was banned from the group and my comments were deleted. The first comment on this blog really articulated why the OCA's response to the accusations concerning their funding just doesn't cut it, and this is the comment:

Activist said...

"The comments below were submitted to us directly via e-mail by Marti Oakley from The PPJ Gazette.

Merck, in any of its forms is funded by Merch Pharma. Merck foundations, advisory groups, philanthropic associations et al., are funded with Merck family money all derived from all of Merck's current and historical endeavors. I agree that what our ancestors did should not dictate how we in the next generations are perceived. I agree with that as long as those generations extricate themselves from those things and refuse to accept the benefits derived from what those ancestors did. Of course, this does not happen.

The fact of the matter is this: This IS the Merck family. This IS the Merck family fortune accumulated through activities most of us would find repugnant. Setting up "philanthropic" or other benign sounding public entities in an attempt to re-manufacture a more acceptable public image does not change that.

OCA was caught with their hands in both cookie jars. On the one hand begging money from their subscribers claiming of course they needed these funds to keep up their good work, and on the other hand, taking money from the same corporations they claimed to be fighting.

Grants have been deemed by the Supreme Court to be contracts. Grants are not given to applicants who do not express an alignment with the foundations premise or goals. So, if one applies for a grant to a specific foundation or other entity offering grants, it is done with full knowledge that what you need grant money for.....is to promote or encourage in some way what the foundation stands for and this is dictated by who funds the foundation.

These supposed separations in various factions of family business, occur only on paper. These separations exist only on paper.

I have watched this situation since it began. The first excuses given were that it wasn't the same Merck family. When that was exposed as false, it became...

Well...it isn't money from Merch pharma, and when that was proven false...

It was just grant money from the good Merck families and it isn't connected....and this is also false.

As for the neotame issue mentioned: We contacted the FDA regarding the use of neotame and when or if it was or was not allowed in organics. They refused to answer any questions and basically ended by saying that no decisions regarding neotame in organics had as yet been made as no adequate studies had been completed to determine its affects on organics.

OCA is either misleading its readers, or OCA has not carefully dissected the FDA/USDA regulations. A perusal of the "exceptions" and special provisions, loopholes, etc., regarding neotame tells a far different story. In fact, reading that section will highlight the fact that nearly anything is permissible regarding labeling as "organic" as long as you can jump through any one of dozens of loopholes written specifically to accommodate corporate producers.
For me OCA lost any credibility back when they came out with their Internet Myths email about HR 875. Penned by Judith McGreary for OCA, it claimed there were no provisions in HR 875 that would affect family farms, farmers markets or numerous other pertinent issues."

Marti Oakley


This is very relevant to the DP in my opinion, because the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey is a big Dr. Paul supporter, who explained his support for him in an interview last year. The OCA is making Whole Foods look like some kind of elite corporation like Wal-Mart or something along the lines...kind of absurd and a little telling considering their funding.

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Thanks Annica I unsubscribed

Thanks Annica I unsubscribed from them when they started the bad mouthing of Whole foods...

OCA's Rebuttal

Dear Friends of the Organic Consumers Association,

It's too bad some of our would-be allies apparently can't tell the difference between friends and enemies....


that article was in the link

that article was in the link i posted above as well, and the commenter's statement(i believe a quote of another) was in response to that article. they've had several retractions, but none of them were articulated well enough, leaving little nuance in their statements.

Yes, I've never noticed anything fishy with the OCA

although I've disagreed with them on certain measures. They appear very pro-government regulation, naively enough, so I cannot just sign their petitions, because they ask for changes I wouldn't ask for.

However, if you doubt they are against Monsanto- please tell me, then, what you make of THIS: http://www.purefood.org/monlink.html

I hope many of us at the Daily Paul are already aware of the fact that Monsanto is heavily invested in popular organic brands that are carried by Whole Foods. They are also carried by just about every grocery store. At the bottom of the link I posted above, there is a complete list of brands that are partially owned by Monstanto.

I still shop at Whole Foods. I see OCA's point- Whole Foods could be more transparent- but I won't boycott them for failing to attain the very highest standards.

that link was an effort to

that link was an effort to send faxes directly to monsanto. i will be the first to tell you those faxes were not received by anyone high enough(much less caring enough)in that corporation before hitting the dumpster.

my argument against them is that they give you enough information and activism to be blindly sucked into their campaign to give whole foods a bad rep.

rockefeller funding also goes to the american cancer society, but it doesn't mean the american cancer society is anti-cancer. it means they're pretending to be fighting a never ending battle against something that could already be won.

Well, in the OCA's defense

they said in their rebuttal that the Rockefeller family is huge and what one member does shouldn't tarnish the philantropy of all of them. We just don't know all the details.

I think you are right that a person might be swayed against Whole Foods by reading the OCA's newsletters. However, the OCA DOES have a point against Whole Foods. I don't want to see them gagged or punished for expressing these grievances.

The link I posted was more than just an arguably useless fax drive. It was evidence of the thoroughness of OCA's tracking and fighting of Monsanto. If they are somehow "controlling the opposition," it's too convoluted for me to follow and give credence to at this point.

The pigs don't want us to be able to eat healthy

I agree this issue is very important, but we are being attacked on every single angle that exists, so we have to focus on chopping the root, I consider this Monsato business a symptom of the disease. Whole Foods is an awesome place to eat and to buy groceries, I love it, but I think it is not the first thing we need to defend. If we can end the Fed, end the wars, etc..., then I think we need to look their first. We don't have enough people to fight every front. Thank you for the post and I appreciate all of your hard work, maybe this is one front you could lead the fight on for us all. We all have to take our positions. Keep up the great work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Reminds me of other 'benevolent' Merck family funding

Reminds me of Merck and other big pharma companies funding the activist groups which petitioned the EPA to regulate nano-silver as a pesticide. See my expose':

"Merck, other Pharma Companies helped fund activist groups who petitioned the EPA to regulate nano-silver as a pesticide"

Of course, the billions of dollars in drug company profits from antibiotics had nothing to do with it.

Just remember that a healthy person is a potential lost customer when you are in the sickness industry.

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i've seen that information

i've seen that information before. thanks for the reminder. it goes to show that these 'environmental' organizations can project a pretty convincing facade, while working for some of the most corrupt interests.

Thanks for this post

This needs to be heard and told all about. I have wondered why Whole Foods was getting such a bad rap. This all makes sense.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

you're most welcome! i just

you're most welcome! i just read your quote, and i think it fits perfectly with this story..but probably also with a lot of other issues here as well!