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'Ron Paul has had more intellectual influence on Republicans than any GOP candidate'

Here is some really good analysis on the debate from Brent Budowsky of the Hill:

Ron Paul was nowhere to be seen during the last Republican debate...The reason is that the hosts of the debate, in this case Politico and NBC, had fixed the game with a narrative and result they decided in advance, which is that the Republican nomination is a two-person race. Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman were not part of this script.

It was disgraceful. First, the seating chart put Romney and Perry at center stage. Second, the questions were aimed at fomenting conflict between Perry and Romney, making Ron Paul look eccentric, treating Bachmann as though her candidacy is dead, and then marginalizing Huntsman. Then, of course, the “post-debate analysis” by the same insiders who fixed the game with staged seating and pre-planned questions.

Ron Paul has probably had more intellectual influence on Republicans than any single GOP candidate. Michele Bachmann’s candidacy will ultimately be determined by whether Rick Perry has the staying power — and in the first major vote in Iowa Bachmann and Paul outperformed Romney and Perry, by far. Jon Huntsman is running on a very profound principle that the GOP must appeal to the center of the nation with a respectful campaign, or it will lose."

Go here for more: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/...

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Excellent - now we need

this kind of press in more and more major traffic publications