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Google Trends Observation

I'm sure most of you on here have seen this but I think it just further proves the point that the media really is ignoring Ron Paul. This is a google trends page that shows that currently Ron Paul is just behind Rick Perry in google searches and Mitt Romney is way below. But if you look at the News Reference section, Ron Paul is at the bottom.



it looks like the link doesn't show the whole page so you can go to google.com/trends and type 'ron paul, rick perry, mitt romney' and it will show up. Also to the right you can make it show up for a certain time frame, I did 2011.

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The real online Ron Paul poll - Google Insight

Click here to see google insight on Ron Paul Vs the others .

Ron Paul wins in online searches. It is a shame that the media is more worried about having made the right decision in the past than in accepting the inevitable truth that Ron Paul is Clearly the choice of the people.

Isn't this a more accurate Poll?

Incorrect analysis

Both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have universal name recognition because they ran last election. Rick Perry is not as well known, which accounts for why he is most searched. Ron Paul is searched less now than in 2007, but news reference for Ron Paul have increased this election cycle, according to google trends.

I suspect

Google is also biased. I noticed right after Alex Jones did his "Ron Paul Exploding" video every search engine EXCEPT for Google ended up trending "Ron Paul Exploding." Call me a conspiracy theorist but Google has turned to the dark side lately and so has Twitter (filtering hashtags and all).

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

The elite controls it all

All centralized powerful organizations - private as well as public, national as well as international - are controlled by the Establishment. Like their media, Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of it is designed from the beginning to keep people enslaved, ignorant, scared and sick - in both a mental and physical sense.

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Hard evidence is the best kind.

This is.