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Concerned Ron Paul Supporter, response from RP Campaign

To: bruce@thelichfieldgroup.com from me
Date: Sept 6
Mr. Fein:
I'm sure you're a very busy man, so I'll keep it brief. There's growing concern among Ron Paul supporters through
various online channels that the commentary found at the link below contains substantive evidence that questions
your integrity and potentially your intent within the campaign. I would urge you to take notice and address these
concerns before it gets out of hand.


From: Matt Collins to me
Date: Sept 9

Thanks for writing Bruce about what is going on around the Internet.

First and foremost you should remember not to take everything that someone posts on the Web at face value. Could it be that the original author has a personal vendetta against Bruce because he once had one of her testimonies thrown out of court?

Is Edmonds able to quote a single word of Bruce Fein's out of millions published and spoken that would suggest he is a neocon. Could this all be guilt by association and false reporting?

Regarding AEI, he was an adjunct scholar more than 25 years ago to analyze and comment on the US Supreme Court.

Perhaps the original author is framing these allegations in a way to attempt to make Bruce look bad because she was on an opposing side of a past case? Remember there is such thing as smear jobs and character assassinations and unfortunately many people seem to be falling for this particular one.

If you've ever heard Bruce speak, or if you've read his book you'll know that he is on the side of Ron Paul. Doug Wead, also an adviser to the campaign, helped to get TWO Bushes elected to the Presidency; but he's on our side too. Although Bruce might have working relationships with establishment figures, that does not mean he is one himself. The fact that Bruce is willing to be involved in Ron's campaign at the risk of potentially alienating some of his establishment acquaintances proves this. Don't forget that Bruce was the Deputy Attorney General underneath President Reagan which gives both him and the campaign tremendous credibility by having one of the world's foremost Constitutional scholars on board. In my opinion this outweighs almost any alleged negatives that people pretend might exist. With Doug and Bruce on the campaign we can now say that senior Bush and Reagan Administration members are coming our direction. Ron Paul is winning in the court of ideas!

Since Bruce Fein has enormous credibility, contacts, an expansive knowledge base, and significant expertise, the question is why WOULDN'T the campaign want to bring him on? Bruce has been singing this same song for many years. He was highly critical of the Bush Administration while they were still in power. And he also spoke at Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic in 2008 just before he released a book about the fall of American Empire through Congressman Paul's organization the 'Campaign For Liberty': http://www.amazon.com/American-Empire-Before-Fall-Bruce/dp/1...

But don't take my word about Bruce, I urge you to form your own opinion by watching his speeches, and reading his books so that you can find out for yourself!

Here is a good place to start:

If you watch Bruce's speeches and read his writings as I have done, you too will probably come to the same conclusion that any individual as impassioned about liberty as Bruce can be nothing other than genuine. But that's just me. You are of course free to believe what you want, but again, I urge you to study him, not just what random bloggers with an axe to grind might have to say about.

And finally don't forget that Bruce is not the person who is actually running for President.

Ron Paul obviously likes and trusts Bruce. In fact Congressman Paul thinks so highly of Bruce that he hired him as a surrogate for his campaign. Now if Ron trusts Bruce, doesn't that say something? Surely if you are indeed supporting Congressman Paul then that must mean you trust his judgement, right?

Thanks for taking the time to write in,

-Matt Collins
New Media Manager
Ron Paul For President 2012

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I hope

this matter can now be laid to rest! Ron likes and trusts Bruce Fein. I trust Dr. Paul's judgment...
Perhaps "we" can get back to helping Ron Paul become POTUS in 2012!

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond