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TYT on Paul Perry photos.

Cenk Uygur is at it again and he actually runs the ad and ron pauls respons to all the questions about the pictures. This time he shared some honest words about what he thinks about the photos.

To bad he thinks "Al Gore is right about EVERYTHING" which to me is a little weird.

Here's the video link for YouTube:

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Al Gore is Always Right?

1. A wife who censors speech
2. A scam artist abusing even the weather hoping to get us to pay to breath
3. A supporter of the banking oligarchy and the Clinton's
4. Friend of the Bush Nazi empire
5. Member of the CFR
6. Socialist Communist Nazi = Fascist
7. Clothing and hair is too much of a burden on the taxpayer
8. A pillar of corruption
9. Someone who needs to realize I will never do what he says, ditto for his friends

"Walls are stronger than the men that defend them."

Ghengis Khan


It's those kinds of comments that make it REALLY hard for me to take Cenk seriously.

I've never been too wild about the guy anyhow.

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While Cenk is good sometimes on civil libertarian issues, pre-emptive war and Wall Street/FED shenanigans, at the end of the day he remains a big-govt liberal...

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