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New Revolution Super PAC Ad: Plastic Men

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My $.02 (or, what the Penny's Worth)

If the campaign had put out the message, that would put it in a whole different ball park. But we get called kooks and loons (as does Ron) all the time by the other candidates' supporters, and the general public takes no offense. So, although I would not put this ad out as the campaign director, I would not condemn a group that chose to place the ad, either.

I take no offense to referring to RP as either a prophet or a teacher. But then I believe, with other Christians who are a large part of the Republican party, the prophets were inspired by God. For me if they replaced 'pretty boy' with 'politician' then called Ron Paul 'a man for the people' or a 'statesman' or even 'true Patriot' that would be sufficient.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Daily Paul is One Big Focus Group

I like the ad. What can you really say in one minute to hit your opponets hard and still deliver your message? Comments can help make the next Campaign ad more better. Those who didn't like the ad will comment as to why. You are never going to please everyone and there is no magic bullet. Yet if can deliver a message that sink well into a voters mind to really think about their vote, then you have done well.

This is a great video, and

This is a great video, and perfectly matches exactly what the debates looked like - Romney and Perry hugging each other.

I'll be donating for this to air for sure.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

this isnt about hearts and minds

The ad belittles the Ron Paul message and makes potential voters look like fools.

If someone cant bring themselves to wanting freedom then that is meant to be so. The message should always be one that asks if you are ready for freedom Ron Paul is your man.

Turning the campaign into this is off base and lacks the taste of a candidate taking 35 years to establish his reputation.

This ad wont work ladies and gentlemen, its mean and lacks Ron Pauls message.

what will you do if you dont have your freedom

Yeah, it's nothing I want to be associated with.

I'm sad there wasn't a unanimous outcry against it. I'm disappointed in Tom Woods for letting this run. I really like Tom Woods. This is a bad mistake.

We're trying to win a

We're trying to win a campaign. It's now or never...

Another Ron Paul snore-fest ad about his record which the American populace cares very little about is not going to win. The ads have to draw attention and create a buzz. This does that.


THIS AD IS AWESOME. Anyone decrying it needs to grow up. Why is it WRONG to call these clowns, who're hurting our country, on THEIR record? Can someone explain that to me?

This is WHAT YOU DO in an Election.





much better

Maybe the campaign can get some marketing help from the PAC.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

As you can see..that ad has

As you can see..that ad has gotten him attention. Go search Ron Paul in google and check out the news.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Thumbs up!

To me, I am thrilled that the SuperPac was established because it will have the ability to advertise in ways that Dr. Paul probably would not have. I think this and more like it will bring in more support.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and over-run by bureaucrats, the founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with."

I like it. The first part is

I like it. The first part is fun and kind of breezy. The last part hits specifics.
Don't forget this ad is for the couch potatoes who watch the Simpsons etc.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

I don't like

I don't like:

1) Ron Paul being referred to as a prophet; it rubs me the wrong way and is not true. Dr. Paul is intelligent, level-headed and has allot of common sense and foresight. There were already rumblings when a couple of weeks ago, the press referred to him as a prophet. I also don't care for the photo that accompanies that portion of the ad; it does not look natural.

2) I don't like name calling i.e. referring to Romney and Perry as pretty boys. That seems out of character for Dr. Paul. It will also turn people off. Facts and truth are what made me notice Dr. Paul.

With the exception of the above I find it a very good ad.

If I knew nothing about Dr. Paul, and I saw this ad,

I would think, "I'm not going to vote for that guy, Ron Paul. His ads repulse me. To call another man a 'pretty boy' is unacceptable."

Really, it has the same impact on me as if someone had used the F word in the ad. It's just as unprofessional.

Excellent ad!

Cheers to the Revolution Super PAC! They have really proved they are capable. Now the big question is, how much will they raise from the superbomb on the 19th? Hope it's big... and will do what I can to help.

Donate to the PAC... Only if you've reached the 2,500!!

The actual campaign needs money guys, You are not supposed to donate to the super pac if you haven't reached the 25000 dollar limit on the actual campaign.

The PAC cannot fund the campaigns operations and we NEED ron to be able to pay for things on his own.

So if you haven't donated the 2,500 maximum then giving ANY money to the PAC is a TOTAL WASTE...

The PAC will be full of more wealthy voters who have ALREADY MAXED OUT THIER CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. So please, put the money in the official campaigns account and not the PAC account if you haven't reached the 2,500... Other wise I think it's a total waste.

Who elected you dictator?

Let people donate where they wish and stop dictating to people where they need to donate to.

If you donate to the campaign you're only enriching the bank accounts of Jesse Benton and their wind blowing lobbyists.

People like you Luna are clueless and blind - one look at the FEC records from the RPC2012 last quarter would make you enraged at how they are siphoning money and funneling it to fatten their bank accounts.

I'll give to RevPAC because the money will be used wisely.

You LunaTech are squashing free markets and free will by dictating to people where they should give.

Who made YOU dictator?

The point I am trying to make is that the money that goes to the pac is not money that can be spent to help ron travel and set up functions. So you aren't proving anything by your statements... I don't know about any secret minions funneling any money out of the campaign. And If i did know about it I might have a different opinion, but no I think people need to give directly to paul's campaign unless they have maxed out. Do i want to legislate that? are you kdding me? It is people like you who cause problems.

Your MANDATE and a link

You are not supposed to donate to the super pac if you haven't reached the 2500 dollar limit on the actual campaign.

Above is your posted mandate.

Below is only a taste of the hole where your money goes.
.. from the FEC website.

Page: 2171 - Jesse Benton - Reimbursement Expenses - $83,598.50
Page: 2369 - Jesse Benton - Reimbursement Expenses - $13,170.23
-----------> $96,768.73 of unexplained reimbursements to the Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton

It's not MY mandate... Read this


What does the first line say?

It says that because thats the way it works. And if you think tha the campaign chairman is stealing 100,000 dollars Can you prove that that money has been stolen by Jesse? You better be able to prove it. you better go make a forum post and spread it.

But don't scream at me for telling you that in 2 days on the 17th you are wasting your money by donating to ronn pauls official campgin money bomb (The one for the people who haven't maxed out)..... There is a REASON that there is the 17th money bomb before there is the 19th monthe bomb.




Hahaha as if I have the power to mandate anything anyway, but if i coud I WOULD. I'de mandate rp as president 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who told you what the PAC is for?


Who told you what the PAC is for? The PAC is for all who want to support it. That line from the other posting is someones opinion not "the way it is"

Click the link to the FEC reports from my previous post. You can go to jail for unexplained reimbursements, just like John Edwards is about to.

Jesse Benton has some splainin' to do.

Not crazy about the "Pretty Boys" comment

First of all, when you say that, you then set yourself up in the comparison of "what?" If Mitt and Rick are "pretty boys" does that mean that Ron is dried up? Once you set the comparison, people will figure out what the other side represents and we don't want to do that based on "appearances," do we?

Second, like it or not, the phrase "pretty boys" almost alludes to someone being gay. I don't think we really want to go there (a) to allow the other camps to use this against us or (b) for the gay community to use this against us. Ron has a great Libertarian stand on the GLBT issue, don't erode that with name calling that could EASILY be misrepresented by other camps...or groups.

Well said


This as much as I don't like

As much as I don't like using the comparison is like a game of "chess". People have already went after him about being to old and what did he say?

He challenged them to a 20 mile bike ride. They have little defense and it kinda reminds me of what people used to say about fighting a bully in school when the opponent was much smaller man.

The smaller man had less to lose and more to gain from the fight. If he lost, he got his butt kicked and the bully look really bad for picking on the smaller guy BUT if the small guy came out victorious, he was held as the one who slayed Goliath.

In this match-up they just need to make sure they have their pieces setup before they make the first move.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

No, your comments about the pretty boys are totally off base

The point the ad is trying to make is that romney and perry are plastic men - they have no substance. That they are just pretty boys and nothing else. Media darlings.

Really, it's not that complicated.

LOVE it!!!


ad time

Shorten the ad to fill the time slot that the station is willing to sell.
That is 10 seconds, 15 sec., 30 sec., 45 sec., or 60 seconds.
They often cut off the very last 2 or 3 seconds.
So a 60 second spot should start on time and end in 57 sec, so as not to lose the end when they cut too the next commecial.
The last 2, 3 seconds should be music and printed words so if it is cut off the main message has been delivered.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

This is great

It says so much.

There's a lot of negativity about this ad, but really, for a simple public, they need to hear it like this. It'll work.

13 years in advertising. This

13 years in advertising. This I believe will work for many reasons.. One of the main is the humor in it. Humor is the next best thing to sex for selling something.. If you'll notice all of the best, most played and all around popular "commercials" are humorous over any other ad type other than sex. Hell they even have shows dedicated to the funniest.

People who support the other candidates will be upset most likely for multiple reasons but the campaign doesn't say anything that can't pretty much be backed up.. sure the shill comment can't be fully proven but it doesn't have to be, as I mentioned in an earlier post.. I believe a lot of people are connecting that already because he did vote for the bailout, he did vote for big medicine and he would have forced people to take the vaccine if people hadn't fought against it.

About the only people who are going to be pissed about this are people who are looking for something to be pissed about. Those who are looking for a change will be drawn to it, those who have a sense of humor will be drawn to it and so on and so on.

They did an awesome job as far as I'm concerned. It was very professionally done. Fantastic graphics and message brought to you with a humorous punch.

After they get done with Dr.Paul's campaign, if I can afford it, I'd have them do one for my business. I'd love to have something like that on my main page or ran locally for my shop.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Awesome ad run it as is.

I think it is great just the way it is. Run it, Run it, Run it....

This ad is great! I wish

This add is great! I wish they could have been more specific in the Perry part and explain it was by executive order! He went against his congress to pass a bill forcing girls to get an STD vaccine, what would he do as president?