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Our family friend was killed 10 years ago today.

If you read some of the comments from people who knew him, you'll see what a tragic loss it was.

Pete grew up in a small town here in Texas, made it to "the big city", and had the job and wife he dreamed of. He was the pride of the small Greek community where he came from, before he was needlessly killed.
He was one of those people who had a naturally magnetic personality, and a genuine charm. He wasn't a guy you easily forget. Many people are mourning his death today. He is just one story, of thousands(now millions).

I know time and money is tight for most here, but if you can, please consider a donation to these guys. It is a very powerful way to get out the message to the people in the city where the charges need to be filed. If anything, please help spread their TV ad on youtube.

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Thank you for sharing this with us

this must be a tough time for the families. Sad times for sure.

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tragic loss...

and, as you said, needless

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Someone "needed" it.

It just wasn't us.