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Sweet! DRUDGE Link: Why Rick Perry is Scared of Ron Paul

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Currently the polls are as follows:

Mr. Perry is polling around 30% and Dr. Paul around 13%. That is a huge number, 13%, its enough to make you lose.

At first glance, you would think that Perry has nothing to worry about. But Perry MUST get those very loyal Ron Paul supporters to vote for him any GOP race against President Obama. If Ron Paul’s people hold another Convention all on their own like they did 4 years ago and stay home and don’t vote Perry, Perry looses to Obama. They did it to John McCain and they will do it to Perry. That is one reason the whole Republican field is now sounding a whole lot like Ron Paul. Newt is calling out the Federal Reserve and wanting an audit. Michelle Bachman is dead set against ObamaCare and Banker Bailouts and raising the debt ceiling. Even moderate Mitt is sounding “thoughtful” about going “head long into wars that might not be good for America”. (Yes Mitt, moderation in everything, we’ve got it).

Perry needs Ron’s faithful Patriots and both Perry and Ron knows this. This is one big reason that Rick Perry (suddenly 3 months ago) went from sounding like a Moderate Republican like Mitt Romney, to one “Stop-the-Spending” Tea Party Republican like Michelle Bachman and like Congressman Ron Paul. As soon as Perry jumped into the Presidential race, Bachman’s followers turned their heads and have essentially left the Bachman camp. Perry teased them about “wouldn’t it be nice to have a woman VP?”. Perry has since denied that he or his campaign staff said that, but the rumor spread right after Ames and the Bachman faithful proved to be “fair weather friends”. Perry’s polls shot up, Bachman’s polls dropped, and Ron Paul’s stayed the same.

Paul’s numbers have stayed the same or gone up. These Paul loyalists are the “Paul Patriots”, and they think they are “in the R3VOLution” and so for them, its adopt the right policies or go home. These Ron Paul Patriots are the ones who back in 2007 came up with the whole Tea Party event in the first place. Boxes and boxes were thrown into the Boston harbor. And on those boxes where the names, IRS, the FED, the UN, Open Borders, NAFTA, NAU, Iraq WARS, Patriot Act, CIA, etc.

And Ron Paul’s money keeps rolling in. Indeed, he is never on the phone dialing for dollars as Mitt does and he is not making “corporate deals” as Perry does. In fact, no large corporation supports Ron Paul, no income tax or not, for this one very real reason: Real All Out FREE MARKETS scares the pants of Corporate America today. Compete? Forget-about-it. Better to donate in the millions to either Romney or Perry. But, Ron’s money is so regular and steady, he is not going anywhere. For Ron’s birthday, they gave him over $1.7 million in one day. Now that is a nice gift. Further, they have started their own PAC to compete with corporate –government handout addicted- America; Liberty Pac.

What is the R3VOLution PAC? Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfyVwR381GE&feature=related

And now these Paul Patriots are “Calling All Americans..” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTdXq8f4eVc

Which is politically very interesting. This is self funded movement. While Rick Perry may have 30% of the public behind him, he still has no movement or base support. Its all fair weather game. Which is again why I say, Perry support base is all vulnerable to Ron Paul, not the other way around. Rick Perry does not inspire passionate video and essays and sign waving. Perry supporters will not go to the mat for Rick Perry. Should it come out that Rick Perry is liberal in conservative clothing, that may spell the end of Rick Perry. He proved the other night that he could talk the tough Ron Paul talk when he called Social Security a ponzi scheme, but when drilled about what he meant by this his answer was, “It just is”.

Meanwhile, had the social security gone to Ron Paul he would have rambled and lectured and tied the whole thing together in an unprepared way as he always does. That is the charm of Ron Paul, no political handlers telling him what to say, nothing prepared, no “vote getting phrases” that the public “wants” to hear. No, for Dr Paul its always from the heart and off the cuff. He may bable and not get it all in in 60 seconds, but his Paul Patriots overlook his lack of presentation polish. Ron Paul himself says, “I am not the best speaker, but I speak about the best ideas, freedom”.

So the reason Rick Perry is scared of Ron Paul, is because Rick Perry can easily trip and fall from public favor. If this Ron Paul ad ran nationally coast to coast for 4 months, it would be interesting to see if Rick Perry survives.

See ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtDBp1OrCwI

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You mean this ad is not being run?

I was so excited when I saw this ad on the internet. But I live in California so I figured that it was running back east. How come this ad is not being run?



What is the link to the Drudge article?? I can't even find a search feature on Drudge.

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I don't see it on Drudge anymore. Anyone know a timeline of it?

Great article

and some great Ron Paul comments!

Rick Perry, lol, what a putz.

Rick Perry, lol, what a putz.

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I only see a BP banner...

Did they just wipe the article?

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Rick Perry is afraid

of his past.... Bilderberg didn't factor in the power of the people to call BS

it's a Texas thang!

DON'T WORRY... Our issues are the GOP Issues NOW...Dr. Ron is doing just Fine!

What's he talking about, does anyone know?

One of the cardinal rules of politics is "never attack down,” meaning a front-runner should never attack or respond to an opponent who is far behind. Yet that is what Rick Perry is doing. He is intimidated by Ron Paul, and responding to Ron Paul.

Where is Perry doing that? On TV?

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Nice, the author could use more

support in the replies.

While Brent Budowsky is not a

While Brent Budowsky is not a fan of Ron Paul, he is very willing to point out that Ron Paul is principled in his beliefs. More so then other GOP front runners or even Obama himself.


only read one page this time, since I have much to do to get ready for tonight's CNN Tea Party Debate (featuring one well-loved Doctor/Congressman)....anyway, there were a lot of pro-Paul comments. If I have time later, I'll add another positive comment.

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