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A question for Pilots or anyone else about planes??

These are the 4 flights on September 11th, 2001. I am wondering why none of these HUGE planes were not even half full?

Flight 11 was a Boeing 767, it could hold up to 375 people, but only 87 were on it? Flight 175 was also a Boeing 767, capable of carrying 375 people, but it only had 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants. American Airlines Flight 77 was a Boeing 757 capable of carrying 289 people, but there were only 64 people on it??!! Flight 93 was also a Boeing 757 capable of carrying 289 people but there were only 37 passengers and seven crew! I dont get it. Almost every plane I have ever been on, except the Cessna's was a full or almost a full plane!

I would like any input you all have or experiences with light loads, thanks

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heck I'm still looking for parts from one of them....I hear the insurance companies are too.

Planes run a "milk route"

Finish the day at one location and then start again the next.

I was on a Continental 737 flight one time from Greensboro to Cleveland (early) and was the ONLY person besides the crew on the plane. Automatic upgrade to First Class- Better than being John Travolta!

Plenty to question about 9/11 no doubt. But, I wouldn't question this. Plane loading, especially for early morning flights, runs all over the map. It just depends on who needs to go where.

Better question: Where did all of these "out of control fires" come from, since the vast majority of the jet fuel went up in a big "poof" within seconds (OUTSIDE of the towers).

Yes- the 9/11 story is bullshit (and the cause of most of our problems).

It happens sometimes. The

It happens sometimes. The airline simply charges a heavier fare to cover the cost of the flight. Either way, the jet will use less fuel if it's got a lighter load.

Not completly impossible

I work in planning for a major legacy airline, on by one

but firt you have to know that the capacity depends of configuration of the aircraft, some have more business wich make the capacity less

flight AA 11 : BOS LAX B767 158 seats 81 passenger on borad 51% load factor; I would say its a little bit low, but not terrible.

flight UA 175: BOS LAX B767 capacity 168 (woth 42 1st and business) 56 passenger: 33% load factor. Very bad indeed, I dont think Boston is a hub for united, but still very bad load factor

flight AA 77: IAD LAX: 158 seats Load factor 33%: very bad again

flight UA EWR(Newark) SFO: 182 seats, 20% load factor: extremly bad !

Those are all major airport connections to LAX and Asia, lots of business.

Explanation, the economy was going down back then, it was a tuesday, middle of the week generaly a little bit more quiet, summer was over, and business traveling not fully back


that helps

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empty planes you say?

maybe the emptiness was because the ones of jewish
persuasion were forewarned,that hasn't happened before
now has it?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

If I remember the excuse correctly...

...these flights were some of those 4-times-a-day trips from one large busy city to another. Each of the flights was full to capacity in the days prior, and in fact, even the red-eye that left before these 8am (or so) departures. The "official excuse" of the low passenger count was a "computer glitch" in ticketing.
Also, part of the "story" was that, in the weeks before, actor James Woods was on a flight from NY to LA and was listening in on some Arabic men in the rows behind him..and he told Larry King or whom-ever, that it made him nervous.
I proudly confess that I am a tin-foil hatter on the 9/11 Official Story.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

James Woods recounts Atta Hijacking Attempt before 9/11


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In my life time every flight

In my life time every flight I was ever on was 75% filled or more except 1.
The only flight I was ever on that was less was from Dallas to NYC. in Jan 2002. It was about 50%.

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