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Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust


Created by my good friends Sean Wheeler and Shelli Crouse. Great Job you guys!! This is a superb video!

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Excellent, much better than the super PAC videos

This is the type of commercial we need to run

Best long infomercial video ever!

This is the best video I've seen to date. It makes my videos look like a kindergartner's crayon scribblings.


Thomas R. Eddlem

Yes, they should use this as an infomercial.

In fact, why don't we do it?....

Last chance...

Dr. Paul is the last chance the United States has against a permanent decline. The Bilderberg handpicked falsehood that is Rick Parry is the equivalent of Nero...be forewarned...

this is how winning is done

If this message can be condensed to a one minute commerical the election is won.

This is how you win hearts and minds. The superpac commercial fails to do what this video has done. It inspires action to save the republic and the leader who can start us on our jounrney.

Any superpac commerical simply needs to use this message and Ron Paul will become the next president.

Dont lose faith people and dont get caught up too much with these debates, Ron Paul is holding his own. The election will be won or lost on us getting his message out.

what will you do if you dont have your freedom

Two improvements I would like to suggest on text:

At the point where it states at 9:20:

Ron Paul
Has never
as a Congressman
Voted to raise taxes
Taken a government junket
Voted for an unbalanced budget
Voted to raise congressional pay
Voted to restrict gun ownership

Because the "never" only appears once at the beginning of the text it begins to read as he, "Voted to raise congressional pay, Voted to restrict gun ownership..." which kind of weakens the effect.

So, I suggest putting a "never" in front of each phrase just to further reinforce that he never did it, like this:

Never voted to raise taxes
Never taken a government junket
Never voted for an unbalanced budget
Never voted to raise congressional pay
Never voted to restrict gun ownership

I would also like to suggest removing the "as a congressman" part because it somewhat implies that he may have done these things voting in some other position.

Outstanding video though! Just trying to help further improve it.

Check it out once more

Maybe it could be a bit more obvious... but we specifically left the words "has never" on the screen the entire time during that sequence. Thanks for taking the time to point those things out, though. We're all on the same team.

Right, but it's in blue, the color of the background.

So it's not very noticeable while focusing on reading the yellow text. It's there, but it doesn't really become a part of the sentence the viewer is reading.

Anyway, this is one of the best videos I've seen.

YES. Incredible vid. Thank

YES. Incredible vid.

Thank you for making a video that ties all of the dates together!


WOW I actually shed a tear, and i dont cry. Ive never wanted my freedom so badly. Its time to go to war for this man and more importantly, for ourselves.

I'm with you...

I started crying, crying for our country, how can they not see what we bring upon ourselves. The blatant refusal to accept the truth of our situation is damning of our society. I weep for my children...I know that they will understand the principals of liberty that I know because I will teach them, but to know they may never experience even the limited freedom that I have is depressing...We MUST change change the mindset of the country. There is no way I can pass on this CRAP to my kids...words escape me...we have the opportunity to save our blessed way of life, there is no excuse not to...GOD (or any power or lack there of that you believe in) save us...


What an excellent video.

Just one thing...

Best infomercial yet.
The one segment with the black guy with the enormous spectacles (5:30), do we have to have the plastic pack of weed so prominently visible in the background? I know we're about liberty, but...


I must've watched that clip about 100 times while editing, and never noticed that. My guess is that most people won't, either...

haha, I never even saw that

haha, I never even saw that from the original video or this clip.

I just loved everything about

I just loved everything about this one. Superbly crafted!

Awesome Video....

I have been hanging out here for the last few years not posting really just understanding the movement we are all a part of and finally decided to break the silence I have had to state that this video motivated me to post a comment.

I have been searching for a video to start my 1 person 1 day each day until election goal and I think this video is it.

I have a personal goal to introduce to one new person everyday until election day about Ron Paul and the Freedom message!

Great Job and Live Free or Die!


Hello Everyone I am not trying to spam...but everyone is sick of the debates and everyone is always talking about new ideas to help..well a friend and myself came up with this please take just one moment to read the post it is super short and you will get the idea right away. vote it up and anyone who wants to help on this project please contact me I think this will be a very valuable tool for Americans.


Someone will probably say

That this was a great video, but can someone go back and fix Ron Paul's hair in 1988? LOL

All kidding aside...awesome video!!!

Absolutely outstanding video. I'm speechless.

[told you I was speechless]

Bump for front page

Part 2

Now that it's on the front page

Can I tack it to the top of the front page, or maybe a special section where it can be featured on the front page ever day?



I have to say

that was THE shortest 10 minute video I have ever watched.


One of the best so far

Loved it - Excellent job!

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Lovin it

I absolutely love how beautifully made this video is.TY for helping keep the inspiration alive in me.


But at 9 min where can we get this aired?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

reedr3v's picture

That's our job. Anywhere, everywhere

people congregate in our communities. How about discussion groups at senior citizen centers and libraries, at your local school; check into meetups raising funds for local TV spots, be creative, there must be scads of opportunities we can find.

infomercial baby

infomercial baby


Thanks for making such a great video! You rock. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul