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Reject The TEA PARTY!

We (Ron Paul supporters) must work to dissasociate ourselves with the Tea Party. Over the last year I've started to realize that the Tea Party is a mix of Christianist War Mongers and Libertarians, but more of the fundamentalist war mongers. We libertarians must avoid this Tea Party group.

The people in the audience cheering that the (fake) 30 year old man dieing was pathetic. The Tea Party is an evil caricature of what Ron Paul believes in. That audience was dangerously stupid and cheering for some of the stupidest stuff imaginable. The Tea Party is a sinking ship. I will do my part - I no longer support or endorse anything Tea Party. RON PAUL 2012 and no one else.

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Like it or not, we'll need

Like it or not, we'll need the Tea Party if we want Rand Paul to win in 2016.

Few Republican Tea Party candidates are liberty candidates, but all Republican liberty candidates are Tea Party candidates.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

dont generalize

treat them as individuals and talk to them
when they understand the issues, they would be Paul supporters, even if Tea Party.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

As a long time Ron Paul

As a long time Ron Paul supporter I can agree with disappointment in how portions of the Tea Party have supported people who do not represent such ideas. But I think it is a dangerous line of thought to simply write them off and say they are our enemy. That is not how Ron Paul operates. He wins through intelligent debate and explaining his side and why it makes sense. While I agree it sucks that we must win back many of these Tea Party voters I feel that is the best way to go about it. But trying to make the Tea Party out as our enemy would only stand to alienate a lot of potential allies and voters. So thus I cannot support this train of thought.

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Hold the Phone

Now I kind of see this differently. They attempted to co-opt the tea party but what is now happening is that we are co-opting them! Their plan backfired.

The Tea Party is like a stepping stone to the freedom movement in this country. Even if it is somewhat comprised of pro establishment types wanting "some" change, it still is a well spring that we are able to tap into.

In my honest opinion we do not want to be divided from them... after all doesn't that sound like the ol' stratagem "divide and conquer"?

I think We should be considered having a role in the tea-party and that we are the proverbial spearhead and lead the charge.

Let their attempt at co-opting the Tea Party be their biggest mistake. The Tea Party has become a gateway for Mainline Republicans to come on over to our side.

Reject the PHONY, hijacked 'Tea Party'

I have always enjoyed reading 'The Daily Paul', and participated in many of the original 'Tea Party events. I must take issue with the people arguing to 'dump' the Tea Party- they are making the same big mistake that the MSM does with regards to the Tea Party. The 'Tea Party' is not some monolithic 'spider' organization with a heirarchical structure. At least it's not SUPPOSED to be!

The Tea Party began as a 'Starfish' organization, which is more akin to a decentralized terrorist-cell type organization (but without all that violence and secrecy!). The problem is that many GOP and Big-Money Neo-Cons decided to co-opt the good name of the 'Tea Party for their own purposes, and have, well... Dropped a dookie in the Tea Party punchbowl for the rest of us. It's very easy to see who the faux 'Tea Brewers' are- they generally have a 'Leader ' or leadership that directs the people below them, as opposed to the bottom-up structure of most REAL grass-roots Tea Party groups. Furthermore, these Faux 'Tea Brewers' generally support Big-Government, Big War, and Anti-Civil Liberties causes and candidates.

As a matter of fact, ANY Tea Party that will ENDORSE a candidate is highly suspect! Rating the candidates, inviting them to speak, being inclusive- sure. But actually saying 'You're more 'Tea Party' than him (or her) and people should vote for you' is antithetical to the original principles of the Tea Party Movement!

So to all the ‎'Daily Paul' people, I say: Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! There are MANY more people that identify with the original Tea Party, than the bastardized Neo-Con monstrosity that CLAIIMS the NAME 'Tea Party'. Unfortunately, the Neo-Con (broken) wing of theTea Party gets all the publicity from the captured corporate media, since it is essentially a propaganda tool of the same Progressives that control BOTH wings of the DC Big Government MONEY Party! So reach out to those with Tea Party Ideals, not to those who use the 'Tea Party' moniker as a sheep's skin over their Wolfish intentions!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.


...o.k. point made!


Many of my best friends and associates, who I care about deeply, are not appreciating this thread and it is being re-posted as an example of what we all believe. Not so nor helpful at a critical moment in all our efforts. Yes, you can speak your mind, of course, but some are taking this as more than one person's opinion and discretion is the better part of valor maybe please.

For the record, this thread does not speak for all of us, just one individual. This is not the campaign's position for sure. The Tea Party has been dead on correct on most things and where would we be without their sacrifices.

Please refrain from this kind of attack here everyone. Dr. Paul would never say these things and you are hurting him and us when a lot of good people are coming here to check him and us out with open minds. Thank you for considering this viewpoint.

For the record, I have attended every Tea Party in my area, supported the efforts and even spoken at two including immediately after our new Senator when he was polling in single digits. I am proud to know them. Notably, I was a McCain supporter before I became a Ron Paul supporter in 2007. Easy. Easy. Please.

Thank you,
Scott Olver
Orlando, Florida
Dedicated Paul-bot/Constitutionalist/Liberty Activist :)

"Do you want to know who you are? Act. Don't ask. What you DO will delineate and define you." - Thomas Jefferson

I hate to be contrary to others, but...

We Ron Paul supporters DID NOT start the Tea Party. We had our grassroots, wonderful, freedom-lifting Tea Party Celebration in 2007, I helped plan ours and it was an amazing day.

The current "Tea Party" was started by some loudmouth on CNBC or someplace yelling about the stimulus bill on Wall Street. I went to my local one - it was nothing but Neocon GOP people angry that Obama beat McLame.

I've been saying it ever since - we need to distance ourselves from that trashheap.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

We don't need another conduit

Our conduit; that is our vehicle right now is the Republican party. Our banner is Liberty.

We don't need to latch on to the latest flash in the pan.

Remember the Bush era anyone? That was when they found it necessary to begin putting such modifiers as "compassionate", "moderate", and of course the dreadeed "neo" before the word conservative.

We don't need to be tea party or anything other than simply individuals who are voluntarily committed to a common cause which is Liberty.

we are the tea party


au contraire mon frere

Go to all the Tea Party's you can! & bring a basket full of common sense. lol
They are very interested in learning, that's why they are there, but all the ones I have talked with only knew what they heard on t.v., meetings. When I informed them of some facts they didn't know they said they would do more research. I was real happy I started those conversations.

the "tea" has become roofie spiked kool aid

these ersatz tea partiers are calling for smaller government except when it comes to war spending.

I think they taint the Doctor's message


REJECT NO ONE as a GROUP. This is a completely non Paulian post. Although we have our differences, we have many of the same items on our agendas.

Yes, If you're going go fishing, it helps to find a lake.

Where the fish live.

If one were to take a stand for liberty and peace, go where that act takes courage.

Look at where DR. Paul has endured for the Presidential debates, in 2008 and this time: both the journalists and politician.

Free includes debt-free!

My association with the tea party

lasted one hour. Back in the summer of 2009 the leader of the local tea party here in Westchester Ohio (Boehner's district)sent out a Facebook invitation to alert everyone to to a big tea party event. We were told that NO politicians would be welcome or would be speaking. So we went....only to find that the event was MC'd by NeoCon Bill Cunningham. Speakers included ConMan Boehner, Rep. Schmidt, and the now governor of Ohio John Kasich. Once Boehner started speaking we got the hell outa there and I have never attended another tea party event....because it is a fraud.

We are the real Tea party...the others are frauds.

So you reject Dr. Paul's idea about forming coalitions.

He works with people who disagree with him on many issues.

How can you form a coalition

How can you form a coalition with a group which has no actual positions?

In fact, there was a poll taken of the Tea Party where they were asked if they'd accept cuts to welfare or warfare. Guess what? NOPE.

All talk, no action. Just bull. The Ron Paul movement is cut from a different cloth. We are willing and ready to support a man who will make those cuts and state loudly what we will cut.

The Tea Party is all about cutting the deficit without cutting it. Good luck with that coalition.

I thought that debate was the

I thought that debate was the best one so far. The questions were direct and relevant. The audience was responsive and engaged. The moderator gave more time to each candidate...although he obviously was touting the Perry/Romney front runner image like fric and frac. Newt Gingrich has a strong appealing speaking style with a well received message. Michelle Bachmann was hot last night. Her message resonated with the crowd. Ron Paul, as usual was skipped over with some of the questions...but made up for it when he did get to respond despite the boos in the crowd about his reference to Palestinians and Islamic world in general...In Florida, what would you expect? Cain came across as a solid contender also last night. Santorum, Perry, Romney and Huntsman have the least to offer the American people. It's interesting that the MSM is giving "governors" more reverence than congressman/woman, it seems to me anyway.

Unfortunately we're the

Why do we care so much about the Tea Party?

Their platform calls for reducing debt but has no solutions to get there. We don't need empty causes with no substance right now. All it does is create an illusion of a unified group.

I'm no longer going to support the Tea Party because the group has no core solutions to the problems of today. I don't want to in any way be associated with them. Let me know when they take some stances.

If they can't offer solutions to the problems they're against, then what good are they?

Yes, just a bunch of empty rhetoric, something the Republicans

have gotten very good at.

"I want smaller government for everyone else, just don't touch my entitlements!"


i strongly disagree

Ron Paul supporters started the tea party Dec 16th. WAKE UP. WE CAN TAKE IT BACK THIS DEC 16TH!!!!!

This is our damn movement. It would be foolish to turn our back on what we created. The political power Ron will have if we use Dec 16th to send a message to the political pundits and asswipes that have tried to hijack OUR movement could land Ron the nomination. Dec 16 is right before Christmas and the primaries starting. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Lets UNITE and show these hacks we mean business.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Keep pushing forward.



Those people who were booing may have well been made to look like tea party people..to drive a wedge in between us because divided we are weak United we are strong.


we are the grassroots since 2007. Dont give up people. Keep up the hard work. Did you see all the ron paul signs during the debate? START POUNDING HOME THE MESSAGE OF RON PAUL RECIEVES THE MOST DONATIONS FROM THE MILITARY.

I would like to add

Let them know Ron Paul is not only our First choice but also second and third & only. Ron Paul or bust! we will not vote for a fake.

Yes, we are. You got it right.


I agree

The tea party is filled with tea-o-cons now a days.




Don't start sh*t.

Were not those Ron Paul people who ran from the neo-cons.

We are on the front lines grinding it out.

It sounds like you do not have courage.


I have read the comments on here. The establishment did their thing and the Ron Paul people ran from the front lines.

Don't retreat. Maybe we need a Patton to slap some Ron Paul people upside the head.

There are people here who are commenting like they would be the militia running off the field as the Redcoats start moving forward with their bagpipes blasting. Grow up and be men for heavens sakes.

Be Not Afraid.


Start a tea party, hold rally's, speak on Liberty, and endorse Ron Paul. There is a big audience that will attend. It is up to you to know what to do with them.

You are just wrong on this mentality.

You need to convert to the True facts. Tea Party is ever changing and not yet settled. We need to control the rehtoric or we make a new enemy. They just need HELP.
YOU can give it. Stick with it.
They are average citizens.
They have brains to see that right is in, RON PAUL.
Keep up the conversation.


I have never supported the NEO-Tea Party..Anyone who has been around since the last election knows it was co-opted by the Status Quo GOP to quickly grab all those that were on the fence with Ron Paul. I just hope Rand can weed out the posers or get out himself before his name and rep are tarnished bt them.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"