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Reject The TEA PARTY!

We (Ron Paul supporters) must work to dissasociate ourselves with the Tea Party. Over the last year I've started to realize that the Tea Party is a mix of Christianist War Mongers and Libertarians, but more of the fundamentalist war mongers. We libertarians must avoid this Tea Party group.

The people in the audience cheering that the (fake) 30 year old man dieing was pathetic. The Tea Party is an evil caricature of what Ron Paul believes in. That audience was dangerously stupid and cheering for some of the stupidest stuff imaginable. The Tea Party is a sinking ship. I will do my part - I no longer support or endorse anything Tea Party. RON PAUL 2012 and no one else.

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I Completely Agree!

Most Americans, especially the Tea Party types, are functionally illiterate about world politics and world history. It's easier to believe the propaganda than to look ourselves in the mirror and see what America really is: a hypocrisy. Our media manipulates more effectively and to a greater degree than many countries we deem rogue states, we can't or refuse to live by our ideals, and when a brave soul like Paul confronts us with the truth, we try to shut him up. We are a nation of idiots, and we deserve everything we get if we refuse to elect Paul, which will likely be a dollar crisis, another terrorist attack due to our failed foreign policy and further intrusion into whatever civil liberties we have left.


the tea party no longer knows where they came from.

"the tea party no longer knows where they came from."

All the more reason to remind them.

The TP was stolen from us. It was pure in the beginning, but became co-opted.

People (RP included) need to make the case that the military agrees with RP. That they know he wants to form a "perimeter defense" around this country and its territorial waters, and have those soldiers supporting OUR economy, not others.

They need to know that we have the technology to defend ourselves without being spread all over the globe while our front door is wide open.

To refuse to break bread with them, is not the best course.

The Tea Party lost me

the minute they allowed Sarah Palin to be their poster child. That woman scares the living hell out of me! I think she is stupid, ignorant, arrogant, under-educated, greedy, irresponsible and dangerous. The idea of her being in power is frightening! It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy, only a horror version of the film. The fact that the Tea Party backs her with such vigor convinced me that they have to be crazy. Palin's about as NEOCON as they come! Only she's NEODUMB. Now they are supporting people like Michele Bachmann (who is bat shit crazy) and RICK (pump kids full of poison for a $5,000 contribution)PERRY?!?!?!? Come ON people! Let's face it, the evil has taken over the Tea Party from within. Screw the Tea Party, we need a FREE Party!

"There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." -John Heywood 1546
Dr. Ron Paul is my HERO!