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Ron Paul Fact Check - Rick Perry Doubled Taxes?

Anyone know the truth on this? I'm nervous Ron Paul is wrong on this, I'm hoping he knew the facts going in...

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I don't recall him saying that taxes doubled??

I recall Ron Paul saying that taxes have gone up in Texas under Perry's watch, but not saying that they doubled. I do, however, recall him saying the DEBT has doubled or nearly tripled under Perry's watch. This would appear to be true.

The fact-checking article (first link) below shows that the debt increased from roughly $13.7 billion in 2000 to $34.08 billion in 2010. The second link is to the State Bond Review Board that is responsible for issuing most of the debt in Texas and the info can probably be found there, I didn't dig TOO much to find the 2000 figure, however the 2010 figure appears accurate (or pretty close).

I am having trouble finding the overall effective tax rate in Texas. They do not have an income tax, only sales and property taxes.

Sales tax in Texas has remained unchanged between 2000 and 2010 at 6.25%. Texas has a GRT that is levied in addition to its 6.25% sales tax. It is called the franchise tax and the rate is 1% (.5% for retailers). The first year I see evidence of this GRT is 2008, however I don't know if that is when it was actually began, or if it was the first year they indicated it in the data I was viewing. The third link is to the raw data regarding Sales Tax.

I do not know what the effective property tax rate in Texas is or if it has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. I found a set of data that lists the property tax rate by county and that is the final link.





Based on the Wording

When Perry said there were 65 bills reducing taxes -- sheesh! Ron Paul would have reduced taxes with one bill -- I assumed Perry gave out 65 tax breaks to special interests.

My guess is that tax revenue went down, maybe, not tax rates.

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Would Ron Paul tell a lie? Of course not silly, Rick Perry hasn't raised taxes on private income but yes property taxes are much much higher and small buisiness regulations and taxes are up as well so basically what texas is saying small buisinesses go away big corporations are welcome to tax breaks and everyone should make the minimum wage. Read Up

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He's been sneaky about it

If you include property taxes (among the highest in the nation) and the new franchise tax, plus a litany of other things...I wouldnt be surprised at all if our taxes have doubled over the last decade.

well what's the measure

Percent of GDP as taxes? Average tax rates? I understand that they could have gone up. I'm just curious how you can say they doubled. Did income taxes double? Did property taxes double? Sales taxes go up?

Does the state level even set property taxes?