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Lets get our heads together

Rick Perry is already toasty, he is cooked, let's let Bachman finish him off. Rick Perry has no firepower to attack Ron Paul, it is time to let Bachman finish Perry off. I think Perry is already cooked, so he is a waste of time to go after. Rick Santorum, bought and paid for, probably hoping for a VP spot under Romney. Romney, I will give a slight credit to, he at least faces and acknowledges his political master Ron Paul when he speaks. Mitt is sitting back and watching the gun fight behind bullet proof glass. Santorum is not even an issue, but Ron Paul needs to at least address him in the next debate in attack formation, not on the defense. If Ron Paul remains on the defensive side of Santorum, it will look like Ron Paul is hiding something that Santorum is exposing, so it needs to get offensive slightly against Santorum to bring on a defense from Santorum to show we don't care what he digs up. The fact that he saw it on Ron Paul's page about 9/11 should tell us Santorum is placed to attack Ron Paul, so yes, Santorum is a sliver in the finger, but we have nothing to hide. It is time to go mainstream on Mitt Romney, he is the one hiding in the corner until the candidates all kill eachother before the election. Shall we take out our shovels now and see what treasures we can find? Let's take a dig on Romney and put a little dirt on his side of the fence now. That is the strategy I believe we need to look at now. I could be a dumbass though, but this is what I see. A great slogan for Ron Paul would be..."When you tell the truth for 30 years plus years in office, you don't have to lie up here on this stage.".

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I think your analysis is generally correct

I just fear that Rick Perry is more resilient than we hope. The non-awake tea partiers were hoping so badly for someone they could fall behind instead of Romney, that even when they hear all of Perry's dirty past they might just stick their heads in the sand and deny it. I hope not though. If he's hit hard enough on those issues, he can be completely finished if he's not yet. He does have a whopping $55 mil in a supporting Super PAC however, so that could defend him.

On Santorum, I too wish Paul attacked more--like he did in the other debate where he said, "You probably supported that war as well!" to roaring applause. He should have said he doesn't blame "America" for 9/11, but the policies of NEOCONS like Rick. That would've been perfect.

At any rate, Romney does seem best positioned right now. He's got plenty of weak spots, but the problem is everyone already knows about them so hitting him on those issues isn't that effective. The Romneycare is probably his greatest weakness though, & we should continue to exploit it--I saw the Super PAC ad is, which is great.

Perry comes across to me as

Perry comes across to me as stupid. You talk about a guy who can't talk. Romney is Fake.. Santorum is well Santorum.
Pery times 4. Newt talks intelligently.. but Newts problem (what loving mother would name their kid Newt?) is his Record in DC sucks terribly. Bachmann, a tax collector. can't trust her. She wants to repeal Dodd Frank, Dodd Frank is actually a good bill. Dodd Frank is going to install position limits in commodity trading so the big banks (JPM) can not manipulate markets. Hunstman, Nice guy but also not really with it. Kain? I like the guy but.. he is playing the Ron Paul play book. Audit the Fed but we need the fed etc.. I think Ron looked very good tonight. Again he was not given the opportunity to speak much. Bachmann did a great job ripping on Romney and Perry. Ron needs to kick Santorums ass once and for all. Same for him that he gave to gulieannie.. give him a homework assignment from the CIA. Let him read the concept of blowback.

Paul should have said: "Hey,

Paul should have said: "Hey, Ricky-Baby didn't you learn your lesson last time? You. Are. Wrong. Read these books and come back in two weeks."