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Delete please

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http://myfacewhen.com/86/ <--mfw they misspelled candidate


Boy do I feel sheepish :) I totally suck at spelling and my computer did not mark it wrong :( I know its sad but what can I say I was learned in my edgumacattion by the schools that are run by the compartment of edumacation . all fixed now please let me know if you see any more of that :)


Make it like Final Jeopardy... not only do they have to put it in their own words, but in their own handwriting... simultaneously - no peeking at Dr. Paul's answers! (not necessarily in the form of a question)... they can't say that they were misquoted/misheard when they wrote it in their own words!



I like that...

awesome, try not to show bias

awesome, try not to show bias so it pics up with the mainstream.

Ie, disassociate yourself with paul, but be fair. That would still show paul in a positive light.

SEO bomb

marketing is key with web sites and and internet attraction we should all practice capitalism and provide capital to a cause /copany that is for the benefit of humanity.!
through the promotion of Ron Paul

This is an excellent idea. I

This is an excellent idea. I hope you can get them to respond. I KNOW Cain and Huntsman and Johnson would be happy for this. And Ron, well, somewhere he has probably already answered every question..

Remember to vote this up

Remember to vote this up so more will see it.

and thanks for the comments..Together we can save this Country.

the candidates could prepare

the candidates could prepare answers and video them and upload them to youtube and link them

ideally you could select a candidate and see all his/her answers to a question or

select a question and see all the candidates answers

the videos could be of an unlimited length but the candidates will pick a reasonable amount of time to get their answer across

How to get all the candidates to participate

Every candidate should be given unlimited space to make their point on each issue, but will every candidate choose to participate?

Here's how to make sure they do: you post their answers to your questions as a first choice, but if they just ignore you, then first of all, SAY that they declined to answer, and then print a synopsis of whatever you think their position is, based on their past statements. And do so in the least flowery & least flattering manner possible. Send your tentative answer off to their campaign HQ and ask if they'd like to correct any errors in your synopsis. If they don't, go ahead and print it with the notation: Perry campaign HQ had no corrections to make in this synopsis.

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Excellent refinement to the basic idea!

I wish this were up now.
One of our chief handicaps is the lack of time during the "debates" to give clear and COMPLETE answer to their soundbite questions.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I should have this complete today!

I will work on this as hard as I can to get it complete today.
then all we need is the content.

I agree

I agree 100% when we originally talked about the Idea we thought the same thing if the don't respond ...they decline.

thanks for the post lets keep it going I think this is going to be a very valuable tool for the American People.

Great initiative.

Please keep it up.

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