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Extremely Interesting DIGG! link [must see]

Hey guys,

I was on DIGG! and I stumbled upon this link which I thought was very interesting. Its a site that is taking pledge for Ron Paul and it has a counter for everyone that pledges.

From what I can see its only at 13 and the DIGG link is brand new with only 5 diggs so I'm thinking this site had to have just launched recently. The main site plays on the campaign website but the link is here: http://digg.com/news/politics/4_ron_paul_2012_the_revolution...

I think its a great looking website to say the least, but not very interactive.

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I was

digg #12; there are 22 pledges thus far, and 22 likes on facebook...

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Just checked in and there's

Just checked in and there's #13 diggs, 34 Pledges and 30 FB-Likes.

Not much activity but I feel like this thing can blow at any moment.

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Good Idea

...as long as we don't get a multiple amount of these ideas.
I think just about all DPers have already given the pledge to support Ron Paul despite hell or high water.
I hit your link and pledged.

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Now time to spread this everywhere what a great Idea!

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Thats cool, the counter

Thats cool, the counter ticked up.. this seems really cool. On digg it says that they want to prove top tier and elect-ability and I think this is perfect. How could you deny a theoretical 100,000 pledges of support?

I'm a very logic oriented person and this site definitely has my support.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Wow, I'm surprised that the

Wow, I'm surprised that the site didn't get more attention. I think its a phenomenal concept.

Bug I dugg it as well! :D

I reserve the right to govern myself.

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