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How I converted Neo-Cons to Ron Paul

I was troubled by the boos RP got at the debate, and that smug look on Santorum's face. If only Americans would take the time to not tow company line, and LOOK at the evidence of Ron's wisdom in foreign policy. What a national debate we would have.

Most people I have met, who were PRO WAR, for reasons they didn't even understand, but supported the war none the less.

I was a Pro-Iraq guy for a long time, because...I believed my President.

What changed my mind, and converted other neo-cons was a book I heard about on The Daily Show, back in 2007.

RP has a few books, most are about Liberty and The Fed. But there isn't a book out there that captures the chaos and blowback that Stephen Kinzer brilliantly puts to paper. This man and RP have a similar wit and narrative.

The book is called OVERTHROW: America's Century of Regime Change. It chronicles in detail every US backed Cou D'eta from Hawaii in 1890s to Iraq in 2003. I had no idea of the circumstances surrounding our acquiring of Hawaii, never occurred to me to ask. This book is an eye opener. The chapter/story of Iran's overthrow is vivid and WILL CONVERT any who read it. It was shocking. Every chapter is shocking.

I know books aren't the best way to educate disinterested people in the 21st century. But if you were to show it to people, its the best I could recommend.

If everyone got 3 people to read the chapter on Iran, there would be no debate. Ron would be the consensus candidate 5 months before Iowa. There is no doubt in my mind.

The book is worth buying, but just printing the Iran chapter and disseminating it is totally worth your effort.

I dont work for a publisher or anything, and I don't know the author, but if a lot of people on Daily Paul bought it on amazon, and put it to the top of the sales, if even for 1 day it went from #5,860th on Amazon to #1, people LOVE popular things, and people love a bandwagon and they might buy it and learn something, then the snowball of truth for what the US has done these past 120 years would get traction, and awaken people...and awake people are Ron Paul voters.


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Sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the book review & your experience with using details from it to help educate future Ron Paul supporters.

About Ron Paul not having written a foreign policy book, I have yet to read it but Ron Paul actually publish a book on foreign policy. It's titled" A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship. You can check it out at http://www.amazon.com/Foreign-Policy-Freedom-Commerce-Friend...


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Like all of his books, "A Foreign Policy

of Freedom" is excellent, plus it shows his consistent moral viewpoint and thorough scholarship going back beyond its publication in 2007. Here's his Dedication page: "This work is dedicated to my children and grandchildren and to future generations in the hope and prayer that wisdom and peace shall prevail so that no other American father, mother, son or daughter will ever again be asked to fight and die in another undeclared, unconstitutional foreign war."

That quote contains an excellent RP campaign motto: Wisdom & Peace

Ask if They Believe in the Golden Rule

How would we feel if someone did that to us? We would be objecting.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

this is key

I wish Ron would start saying things like:
"Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, advised us to bless our enemies and turn the other cheek when struck. What Would Jesus Do? would he invade and destroy the lives of over a million innocent people? Do people who cheer for war believe they will not one day face judgement concerning this?

Just last Sunday, on the anniversary of 9/11, my pastor's sermon was on Matt 18:21... which teaches us to forgive instead of retaliate... Neither Sanatorium nor the debate crowd got the memo.

Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953

Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953 Pt. 1/2


Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953 Pt. 2/2


Its good introduction to why Iran is a "threat" and all should know about our coup and there hatred towards us for it.

The funny thing about the world only Americans dont kow what American imperialism

Yes, Ron Paul has written a book on Foreign Policy...

You said, "But he hasn't written a book about foreign policy."

Here is the link to Ron's books and the ones he recommends...


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820


I meant to say, a book that chronicles the past 120 years of Regime change. As in to say, there are LOADS of foreign policy topics, I just meant specifically our deposing of leaders.

Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

That looks very

That looks very interesting...

I was like you, too

until very recently. Thanks for the heads up on the book. I'm so glad I found this site. I learn so much from everyone.

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

You must watch this RP press conference from 08

This is the moment when RP gave neocons across the world a reading list so they might catch up with the rest of us.

as a side note... i can't imagine where i would be if i was just now joining the DP... there is sooooo much knowledge i have gained, specifically from this site.

That is a Good Book

I had to read it for a foreign relations class in college during the last election, so it confirmed everything Ron Paul was saying.

As for converting neocons, that is what we each must do. I've converted many of my neocon friends, & there are many ways to do it. The Iraq War was such a ridiculous fraud perpetrated against the American people that it doesn't take much to completely expose it. Then people hate Bush & the neocons & come to love Ron Paul.

One of the key ways to convert conservatives I've found is to use _conservative_ whistle blowers. Show them all the things Larry Wilkerson said about Iraq--his recent Democracy Now interview is absolutely devastating to any neocon (although on a left outlet, he's a Republican). Get the articles where he spoke of the neoconservative Cabal. Karen Kwiatkowski's story as an Air Force Officer in the Pentagon is also excellent--google her articles. She exposes how the intel was cooked & those who were honest silenced. They even brought in Israeli generals in planning the Iraq War.

Lastly, use all the stuff on the Downing Street memos. Google it, get all the articles in British newspapers which expose the Iraq War fraud. The revelation that Bush suggested having a plane shot down over Iraq to get a pretext to invade. I could go on and on. We just need to do our research, then spread the truth.

PS - You can show the Christian Science Monitor article about the fraud that was the Gulf War as well--it's pretty stunning to see how they pulled it off.