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At some point, during every debate, Ron Paul needs to say.

...something like this.

"You know, we get together for these debates... and as republicans we generally all agree the kinds of things that need to be done with almost every issue that faces America.

My whole question is...

Will the other candidates on stage REALLY do the things they say they're going to do?? Or will they be like every other presidential and congressional candidate and give up on their principles and kowtow to the special interests who contribute to their campaigns??

The reason I have a strong grassroots following is because for over 30 years I've been fighting for the cause of individual liberty, small government, low taxes, sound money, strong national defense, and PEACE.

AND I'VE ALWAYS VOTED THAT WAY. Special interest money has NEVER swayed my vote. The lobbyists don't even come to my office any longer.

ALL THE PROBLEMS AMERICA HAS TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED HAD THEY LISTENED TO ME ALL THOSE YEARS. All those years they were calling me crazy. Now they're basically copying my lead.

Not that I'm some genius or anything. I just upheld my oath to the constitution. That's where the solutions to all our problems lie.

Ask yourself... look it up if you have to...

Have these other candidates done the same?? Have they upheld their oath to obey the constitution??"

Or something like that.

Bachman - Patriot Act
Perry - Vaccines
Romney - Romneycare


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