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How to WIN this thing !

Here is the way the average blue color worker will vote for Mr. Paul, QUIT BEING SO NICE. Throw the thoughts you have out there and get MAD. You have a real reason to be mad, look at these Washington regulars that you are running against. Don't wait till the end to throw the kitchen sink throw it now and keep the silverware for later. Let a curse slip when your mad and point at the person you are singling out. Be the crotchty old man from the neighborhood that may not be liked but is definetly respected. Come on Ron letem have it !!!!!

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In politics you can't brag

In politics you can't brag about yourself, or attack an opponent, you must have someone else do it, to remain credible.

Having said that, I agree Ron should shorten his phrases a bit, get madder, but not too mad, he gets a little stumbly with his words when he gets mad..

And precinct walking.

Even if he slam dunked every debate and all polls showed him in the #1 slot, if YOU are not precinct walking then we dont get the delegates and he loses.

He with the best ground game wins. That's how you get a nomination.