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Facebook Commissar Warns Infowars Reporter About Political Posts

Infowars.com reporter Darrin McBreen was instructed by the “Facebook Team” to not voice his political opinion on the popular social networking site.

“Be careful making about making political statements on facebook,” McBreen was told in an email, “facebook is about building relationships not a platform for your political viewpoint. Don’t antagonize your base. Be careful and congnizat (sic) of what you are preaching.”

Facebook sent the message in relation to a comments posted about “Is living off the Grid now a crime?,” an article about “nuisance abatement teams” intimidating people who have decided to disconnect from the power grid in California.


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I really hate this company, they make such a crappy product, the only reason they are still around is that all of the schools are set up with them through the DOE. There needs to be an amendment to the constitution telling our government that the internet and all future devised forms of communication and information storage are not theirs to regulate, even though the 1st and 4th amendments should make this perfectly clear. If we respected the constitution there would be many more high quality social networking options that don't spy on customers because they have to compete with each other for market share, not one that has a govt contract and is getting all of the client base as a result.

I thought hackers were going to attack this ridiculous nuisance to human socialization soon anyway, or were supposed to have already. Lol i did like their solution to try to prevent an attack but odds are pretty high that depending on the type of attack it happened before any plans were announced anyway. There are social isolation algorithms built into face book that will prevent people from seeing political remarks unless they visit your page directly. This is the lowest quality product ever, they couldn't pay me to use this POS, but I like the idea, there needs to be other more anonymous options made available to the schools. Especially now that students and teachers cannot communicate via face book, which seems fine and dandy, but what happens when a parent is teaching their own child inside a public school? (On a weird side note, we do a lot of weird things to protect kids from sexual predators, why can't we just arm the youth and let them handle their own crap? For example, look at 5 year old crack dealers I have seen a lot of special adoption cases including these kids and have never once heard of one that was raped or even touched after they got a gun, seems like effective protection from pedophiles for me. Personally, I think a personal protection device with the schools emblem on them could even help school spirit.)