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Ron Paul Snubbed on Federal Reserve Question at CNN Debate


[Info Wars] - Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has consistently ranked in the top three of the GOP field in 2012, was blatantly skipped last night in the CNN debate on a question to which he has dedicated nearly his entire career in government– the Federal Reserve.

Yes, he has repeatedly introduced bills to audit and end the fed, wrote a book titled End the Fed; he currently chairs the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology and has campaigned heavily on the issue nationally since 2007. But he was not given a response to the questioning the candidates’ positions on auditing the Federal Reserve.

Worst still, it was at the Tea Party debate, a movement Paul also had a hand in founding.

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I'm still emailing Wolf

I'm still emailing Wolf Blitzer everyday on why he did not ask Ron Paul this question. If I can I will ask Wolf Blitzer in person. If anyone has the opportunity to ask Wolf do so, he has to answer for this.

I loved the part where they

I loved the part where they all talked about the Federal Reserve maintaining a "sound currency". Oh that was a knee slapper. How the hell does a central bank with a fiat currency have any form of "sound money". IT CANT!

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They obligingly gave the tea party what they wanted.

All who answered stole their answers from Ron Paul, and even then, their answers were watered-down drivel. They avoided Ron Paul because his answer still would have been the best even though they were parroting Ron Paul Speak.

They were literally stealing

They were literally stealing sentences word for word, from previous statements he made.

Ron Paul v Bachmann would be epic

Bachmann trying to discuss the intricate workings of the Fed would get shredded in a meaningful 1-on-1 with RP. All of them would, but her and Perry's faux intellectualism kills my nerves and I'd love for them to get destroyed by RP in a live debate.

You can see Newt and Paul

You can see Newt and Paul talking at the end.

Santa Maria, Ca

I think there is a bit of

I think there is a bit of alliance forming there. In what capacity and what form, i have no idea.

Newt was probably saying

something like: "I love how they skipped over us on that question"

That next person

the next person to ask a question should have asked "would you please ask Ron Paulthat question... what HE would do..."
Romney... *shaking my head*... does he actually not know that the Secretary of the Treasury would be the one to take care of the money?... just pandering to the crowd....


You could hear groans and

You could hear groans and boos when Wolf said "Alright, let's take another question" at 5:38. If you turn the volume up, you can hear it. Probably would have sounded louder had the crowd mic been up. Ron Paul supporters were letting their feelings known immediately about the snub on the federal reserve question

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Also Gingrich was snubbed,

Also Gingrich was snubbed, and while he doesn't have the record Paul does, he is the only other candidate that has chosen to talk about the Fed in debates unprovoked.

Raleigh, NC

Good point. But Newt is the traitor.

But Newt is a liar and pretender, a true traitor to the cause of Liberty with a record to prove it.

It would be ironic to have a traitor questioned about whether or not the traitor thinks Ben is a traitor! LOL.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford


I think that term is used far too loosely and without regard to reality. Self-interest is the natural state of a human being. Even the most generous person has something to gain by their actions, whether it is immediately evident or not. So, even though someone does something that you or I disagree with, possibly even abhor, that does not immediately warrant the use of such a term.

Besides, notions of who qualifies as a traitor are rather elastic and change with whoever is in charge.

I was glad to see them squirm...

Personally, I was glad that the time was spent making the establishment suits have to go on the record as to their position on the Fed. It's now death to support it and the issue of reigning it in has been moved mainstream. Watching the "establishment" candidates hem and haw and sweat as they worried that their puppet masters were watching was great sport!
Everyone knows what Paul would say (though I DO wish he could have driven a nail in the subject as well). Still, I'm glad the time was spent making the others take a position.
"Yes, I'm very comfortable with a hidden group of private bankers running the printing presses behind the scenes like mad elves. And don't tell me how much they print and who they give it to. I want to preserve their independence!"


So a friend of mine and myself came up with and idea to fix this problem....Check this out and remember to vote it up so everyone can see and help in this project.


This is like the Twilight Zone!

You never could have imagined all the candidates acting like mini-Pauls, including a former Fed Chair, all asking for an audit of the Fed, all at the same time, on the same debate stage only a couple of years ago.

In 2008, you wouldn't have even imagined a single one mentioning the Fed.

Yet, now that Dr. Paul has woken up the people on the Fed, the media ignores Ron Paul himself regarding the Fed he exposed. The media ignores the one that taught all the others!

The media is trying to make Dr. Paul irrelevant on the issues, by helping the other candidates co-opt them. That might seem like a good thing overall, until you realize most politicians only say what they think will get them elected, then never follow through.

Yelling at the TV

I yelled at the TV when they moved on to the next question. If it wasn't for Ron Paul, they wouldn't even be having this discussion in the first place!! By the way, didn't he write some book called, uh, End the ...something or other. Duh! Fair and Balanced as Fox!

Blirzer Did Excellent Work

I sound like an idiot, but Blitzer did by far, by far the most professional job of conducting the debate of ALL previous cebates and ALL previous netowrks. FED question oversite was not intentional imho. Blitzer did great job of diving up the time (except for Perry and Romney both of whom just filled the air with non-stop paragraphs of empty words dripping with audience-sucking).
I wanted to email Blitzer a big thank you, but do not know how to find the link.

Credit where credit is DUE.

Dr. Paul delivered knock-out after knock-out. It was fun to watch.

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In a way, they didn't have to

Because everyone they asked just parroted what Ron Paul says and believes:

- Yes, Audit the Fed!
- Yes, we need sound money!
- Yes, the Fed is irresponsible!
- Yes, shrink the Fed!

Ron Paul is like a ventriloquist, and he's talking through the 7 dummies on the stage. They're not quite yet to "End the Fed," but they'll get there. No doubt.

Still, it sucked, and this is such a blatant example of how the media spins and manipulates reality in order to present its own version to the masses. What we didn't hear was

- The Fed is a fundamentally immoral institution and therefore, we need to:

At the end, Romney said we still need a Fed, because he doesn't want congress managing it. Ha! That's where we need to hear from Ron Paul, who wrote the book called END THE FED!

He's the man.

On Romney

Maybe it's just me but, What does that say when he makes the comment?"I don't want monetary policy in the hands of Congress" That he has so little faith in congress who was elected by the people. So is that saying that he has little faith in the people of this country. If so he sounds more like a dictator than ever.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Don't forget he obviously has

Don't forget he obviously has little faith in the Constitution, which dictates that Congress has the power of the purse.

Raleigh, NC

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Ha ha ha. . . but they CAN'T snub Chairman Ron Paul Subcommittee

appearance on Restoring Sound Money (Tuesday, September 13, 2:00 p.m ET).

When substance and legitimacy count, RON is the man to watch and listen to!

To attend a MSM Debate, or not to?

Here's the deal. These MSM Debates are a mockery of a free society.

The problem is if a worthy organization were to host an honest debate, only RP would show up. The other guys would belittle the little-known organization or say it's not "fair and balanced."

So what is to be done? Just keep attending these sham debates? Is there nothing that can be done?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Did they even mention that Cain worked for the Fed?

Will they ever mention that?

Actually, they did mention

Actually, they did mention it.

WHAT can be done?

You have to keep coming, BUT some day I predict these small-minded elites will be overwhelmed by the masses, not just some RP supporters in the hallway. No indeed, the masses will just keep growing in their desire to remove the crooks in D.C. and to put a stop to all the corruption in the Media. Pandora's Box has been opened by Dr. Paul, and the people who discovered him have vigilantly guarded and kept that box open, as if we were all in Rembrandt's painting, the "NIGHTWATCH". The Big Media can't stand people who question. That's why Mark Levin spouted off at the mouth about Ron Paul's supporters.

The pathetic reality is that the other candidates have FEW supporters & certainly those who are, are not very informed. Those who have been talked to & still don't listen are "closed" due to the COMPLICIT FEARMONGERING that both the Big Media & both parties & our government spew forth to the masses via TV. They think this works, and it has in the past ALWAYS worked, but today, four years later, it's NOT working like they want it to. No, the one thing they hate the most is THE WORD OF MOUTH.

So, one answer is to KEEP TALKING TO EVERYONE, especially strangers you meet throughout your day to day activities. If the opportune moment arrives to talk to someone in the public that you don't know, then, by all means DO NOT PASS THIS OPPORTUNITY UP. KEEP TALKING!

How will major change happen? Well, let's just say....it will...sooner than later. And, that is what Big Media & BIG MONEY is most fearful of.

They call it an uprising. We call it an education.

If people don't believe their

If people don't believe their is a sinister force working behind the scenes then I question if they are truly seeking the truth.

Possible Strategy by the establishment,elitist and owners of...

the MSM is to marginalize, downplay, and rid the GOP of Congressman Paul. Think about it. One of the best moves would be to continue leading the sheep to the slaughter by blacking out Dr.Paul during the "Tea Party" debate. They tried and it still isn't working.
The establishment hasn't learned that when you mess with fire you are going to get burned.
Go back and listen to Ron Paul's answers. All were informative and spot on for no more time then he was allowed to speak. And with Wolf B. continuing being a thorn in Mr. Paul's flesh, Ron Paul continued hitting every question as only he could do.
The lack of time and opportunities to respond at this debate is more obvious then the nose on our faces.
We need to continue digging in and educating those around us with everything we got.
We who have been working behind the scenes and in the trenches know that corruption has infiltrated the "Tea Party". And if there is any on this site who believes that everyone on here is a Ron Paul supporter, you are only fooling yourselves.
We are in a major war of ideas and the ideas of Dr.Paul threatens the current status quo in our Government and Nation. This means that most msm commentators, hosts and owners will lose credibility and jobs if Ron Paul is elected. These people are scared and know the threat of our message.
As far as sounds of boos, or certain looks, fashion, voices, hair styles, etc.. Those are characteristics that mostly effect those that are ignorant of freedom and what it takes to have a man of integrity for President.
Thank you Congressman Paul for your strength and courage. We are behind you and continue fighting.

Romney says we NEED THE FED

"Of course we should see what the Fed is doing - there should be some oversight to make sure that it is acting properly - but at the same time we need to recognize we need to have a Fed," Romney said.


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The poll results by the

The straw poll results by the Teaparty Express co-sponsors won't mentioned by CNN either.


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