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Scandal? Wolf Blitzer caught on mike kissing up to Perry after debate.

I was watching the debate online. Afterwards, the candidates and some people from the audience started mingling. Perry walked up to Wolf Blitzer, and Blitzer said, "I hope we can get together again soon. You did an excellent job, sir."

Did anyone else hear that exchange...can you corroborate that it happened? Because if we have enough people witnessing this, maybe we can make a scandal out of it. That Blitzer was partial to Perry was glaringly obvious- Perry was allowed to speak much longer than other candidates. Are they friends? Cohorts? Was Perry's prominence pre-decided...was that the point of the debate, to showcase Perry?

It seems like it, and Blitzer's kiss-up, if enough people witnessed it, could help us build a stronger case for CNN's biased hosting.

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I heard it and noticed they cut the mics right after.

Gee - no wonder Perry got the bulk of time and was allowed to freely rebutal constantly along with Romney.

It's pro wrestling

Enemies on screen, friends off screen. Our media is not their to serve the people's needs. The media is there to inflate their own ego's by becoming buddy-buddy with the rulers. It's ashame.

I can't access this and other

I can't access this and other sites this morning... Freeze-up frames...no accompanying video access.

I heard it. Blitzer and Perry

I heard it. Blitzer and Perry are having a love affair.

Weird, isn't it?

It's especially hard to take when they don't even take precautions to hide it.