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Ex pro-wrestler John Collado killed by NYPD plainclothes officer - another innocent vicim of the war on drugs

The war on drugs, which creates the problem it is tasked to defeat, claimed one more victim on Tuesday night when John Collado of New York jumped into what he saw as an attack on his neighbor and ended up being shot in the abdomen by a police officer who was pretending to be a civilian with a gun.

As an ex pro wrestler, Collado did what any able bodied person would have done while witnessing his neighbor fighting with a stranger, not identified as an authority figure. As the concerned neighbor placed the unknown man in a choke hold to help his neighbor escape danger, the man pushed his gun into Collado's stomach and pulled the trigger.

The bloody handed unidentified man was an NYPD narcotics detective.

"My brother went to help and said 'Get away from him,' and I guess he grabbed the guy, my brother grabbed him. He didn't know he was a policeman," Pablo Collado, John's brother, told Zack Fink of NY1.

The police claim that while Collado picked up the under cover officer, he identified himself as such. Moments later the officer sent a bullet into the body of the Good Samaritan who was acting out of bravery and concern.

Moments before the shooting, the police say the detective witnessed Collado's neighbor selling what looked like drugs. As he approached the two, the buyer fled the scene leaving the neighbor to stand and fight alone.

As the fight spilled out into the street, Collado stepped into action which led to his death 12 hours later in a local hospital.

Reports say that police found 21 dime bags of marijuana as well as a larger bag of marijuana presumably dropped by the neighbor before he fled the scene. That's our police for us, killing us to keep weed off the streets.

An RT report tells how Collado's niece, Banayz Taveras, saw the aftermath of the shooting from across the street.

"I look and I see my uncle with a gunshot wound on the floor," she told the New York Daily News.

Taveras pleaded for police to let her attempt to help her uncle, but was denied access and was also arrested — for obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. She was still in custody when her uncle died.

After Collado died in the hospital, his family claimed they were refused admittance to be by Collado’s side or retrieve his body.

According to police the restricted access was necessary because Collado was involved in a crime, but his relatives were allowed to see him shortly after his death.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday the case is still being investigated by the NYPD.

"If he would have identified himself as a cop, my dad would have stopped. He got shot in the stomach, trying to stop an unidentified cop in a scuffle with a civilian, a kid I grew up with, my dad's neighbor. He went to break it up," John Collado, Jr. told the media.

Relatives now plan to sue the city for wrongful death.

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubnCfAkPVw8&feature=player_em...

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very sad

"No one has ever died from Marijuana who wasn't shot by a cop."

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