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New Spectator Article- "Ron Paul is a hypocrite"

Thoughts on this article? It makes a lot of bold claims.


I'd like to hear Tom Woods or someone like that please refute these claims, or put them into context, so that the Truth can be known, and no longer distorted repeatedly by our friends at the American Spectator.

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that tired earmark argument again

I wonder who told this guy to bring the earmark issue again. Part of the budget is set apart for states. Congress can earmark that money that was already set aside for their state projects. If nothing is earmarked then the money goes back to the federal government who will use it anyways for its purposes.

I know many of you know this, but I write it for the benefit of any new visitors. I recall being bothered by this issue when it first came up in 2007. The best solution is to have no money set aside in the budget and eliminate earmarks altogether.

Pure Garbage

I could barley get through the 1st two paragraphs... Strawman after strawman. I'd be the first to tell you Reagan was better on paper, specially during the Goldwater campaign. I am always mistified by the drastic change in Reagan on monetary policy. A man who once talked about the evils of inflation quickly became a great friend of the Fed when actually in power. It always makes me scratch my head.

That's a bogus argument about the drug

price negotiation. Medicare is a government program. Requiring government to negotiate drug prices for the program, to save money, is not "government intervention." Government intervention in government itself is not government intervention.

Ignore--check Ridicule--check Attack---commencing now

Win--next step.
Don't fret. At least they spelled his name right.