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I got a call from Rick Perry's campaign last night.

(I am the GOP chairman for our county in Iowa.)

The guy wanted to know when our next county central committee meeting was so he could come and get acquainted. (I got a similar call earlier from Sarah Palin's non-campaign committee.) He wanted to know if there were any local events that "the governor" might want to attend.

That caused me to think, why hasn't the Ron Paul committee called with a similar request?

I went on RonPaul2012 last night and submitted a suggestion for a visit to our local festival at the end of the month.


By the way, this is the same festival during which Obama had a very successful speech and meeting during his 2007 campaign.

Our little town has seen quite a few presidential candidates come through in recent years (Rhomney, McCain, etc.).

I hope Dr. Paul makes it here.

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county chairs nationwide

Perry's campaign is contacting county GOP chairs nationwide asking for volunteers to be the Perry campaign coordinator for the county.

Anyone can sign up to be the "coordinator" for your county. You will get campaign yard signs and literature you can distribute to ... the dump.

Also, if anyone wants to learn more about Romney's campaign, and use part of their ad budget, go to startpage.com and search for "ron paul". Romney's ads are placed and need some clicking. Don't click on the ads for RP, as they cost money.

Great strategy.

We need to be focused on delegates.


Other candidates call and ask can you please invite us to your meeting?

You have to call Dr. Paul's campaign and ask can you please come to our meeting?

What can we learn from this? ;-)

that a bunch of blue hairs

that a bunch of blue hairs watching the price is right, and fox news and never leave the house are supporting perry or romney?

Same in Sarasota Florida

80% of the Republican Exec committee wants RP to come.

So far we have had Santorum, Huntsman, Bachmann (over 1500 people showed), Romney, Cain is coming next week etc.

When the chair asked who wanted to see RP the crowd erupted yes and raised their hands.

I spoke to RP briefly in Orlando and mentioned to him and Mark Cross. We REALLY need him hear.

If you win Sarasota you win Florida. It has always been the case... I know his focus is Iowa, NH, and Nevada but Florida is one of the first big states.

I know Ron is spread thin...

And he is doing a MUCH better job of campaigning than last time.
I know he won't be able to go to every little town in Iowa and New Hampshire.
But it is very difficult to promote a candidate in Iowa without his boots on the ground.

BTW, it is very important that we maintain the "first in the nation" contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Without them no candidate like Ron Paul would have a prayer of winning the nomination.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Your answer to Perry should have been....

"Yes, and I plan on running to be a delegate supporting Rick Perry."

They would add you to their list and help you. You'd have inside info that would be helpful.

Paul's campaign has not made the same calls because they do not know how to execute a ground game, unfortunately, on a multi-state basis. They are only able to handle one state at a time.

Suggestion JOIN C4L and become a COORDINATOR as rapidly as you can. That way you can help others.

Don't wait for the Paul campaign. Take it into your own hands. C4L can provide you the info and tools.

Actually, I already told him I support Ron Paul.

He wanted to know if I was planning on endorsing anyone for president.

But I don't care about hiding my support for Ron Paul. I will automatically be a delegate to the state convention because I am a county chairman.

But it won't matter unless we win the Iowa Caucuses (or at least come in a second). We will need to come in second or higher in both Iowa and New Hampshire for Dr. Paul to have a prayer of winning the nomination.

The Virtual Conspiracy





Here is a bump for you

maybe he will see it and can work it in his busy schedule.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."