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Defending Ron Paul on the Radio today!! TWICE *updated*

[Original posting date 9/13]

DP member "Nui" just called me this morning to let me know that the local morning talk show boobs were bashing on RP.

Nui had just called into the show and mentioned the military donations, and "Sgt. Sam" the resident "Tea Party Boob", accosted him demanding proof. Nui referred him to RP's website. I'm not sure what else Nui got in because he was heading to work and couldn't talk very long.

So I call in right after that, and tell the call screener that I want to defend Dr. Paul's foreign policy. The call screener asked what I wanted to say, and I brought up the Military donations.

Here's where it gets good.

The screener says "look, I'm a RP supporter too, and I'm having trouble finding verification of these donations."

I quickly led him to the FEC numbers as well as "politifact" which also verified the numbers.

He then made the mistake of letting me on the air.

So I get on, and tell the "Sgt. Sam" (some ex cop) Tea Party boob, that the "Military respectfully disagrees with him." and reiterated that RP received more donations than all of them combined and even more than Ohmamma"

He asked, "Oh yeah, why is that?"

I said "Because they understand that he wants to use them JUDICIOUSLY and form a PERIMETER DEFENSE around THIS country, and ITS territorial waters."
"They understand that he will not put them in harms way, unless there is an absolutely need. Case in point Libya"

He then respectfully said "well that's what this show is all about" (whatever that means)thanked me for my call, and then ADMITTED that "HE looked it up, and that he stood corrected" which I'm guessing the call screener fed him.

Edit: Here are the calls. Thanks to LookEvenDeeper for the youtube.

BOOOOM!!! Not another word about it so far.

This is part of what it takes folks.

You have to be a voice in your community, and make the effort to call into these radio shows to defend our positions. You have to BE PREPARED ahead of time.

If "Nui" hadn't called into the show to get his shots in, and THEN called to let me know, and I hadn't called in right after him and respectfully slapped "Sgt. Sam" about the head and shoulders, they would have continued to bash Dr. Paul.

Thankfully, LUCKILY, we had a call screener that is one of US, which is a HUGE help. (Ve vill remember zis in ze future.....8)

That doesn't mean you can't get through in your area. You just have to be smart about it.
This station broadcasts to over 1 million people in central Texas, easily.

Coordinate with people in your area to pounce on these morning shows, because 1 call makes a statement, 10 phone calls adds an exclamation point.

Thanks for the set up Nui!! That's what you call bump, set, SPIKE!! A talk radio "ALLEY-OOP"
Edit: Thanks to Sempteternal for the direct links to the MP3's as well!!

UPDATE: Part Deux

So I finished up some work, ran a couple of errands, came back to my laptop wondering what our afternoon drive time talkshow host would be saying about the debates.
As SOON as I opened up the live stream, NUI is on the air AGAIN, and is needling the host to come out of the closet with his support for Ron Paul.

Go to the show on 9/13:

Hour 2 @ 23:55

He called me to let me know that he got on, but I was already on hold for the follow up shot. Here is my plea for Paul also on hour 2 @ 8:00


We have a tough fight on our hands. Maybe someone can help me interpret what he was saying, about "people not trusting their neighbors."

All in all I'd say, not bad for a couple of rookies.

Think if thousands of supporters did this on a national scale. We HAVE to help shape the debate.

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I made a youtube movie about this

I downloaded fiddled around and made a youttube video. To make it exciting I make out you guys are lying, then cast doubt right till the end when, its

REVEALED - RON really IS the man!

I hope you like it!


Vote Ron Paul and Believe Again
You ♬ say you ♫ want a ♬ revolution - ♫ well, you know...♫

Thank you for that.

This is part of what I love about this community. Very cool.

Added to the OP!

Thanks to Sempteternal as well for the MP3's. Hey Sempt, I left you a message below.

Actually there was a follow up

They wanted to know who kept track of it - they later came back with a source "usa today" and then the other guy was like, ok but how is that number complied - finally they concluded it was via donations, if you listen carefully.

I think thats a good one to keep in mind, it comes from the fillings. People just can't believe it!

Vote Ron Paul and Believe Again
You ♬ say you ♫ want a ♬ revolution - ♫ well, you know...♫


I got on yesterday and today. No RP plug though these two days. I need to ensure Thomas (screener) knows I am not a die hard. It ensures my ability to get on so often. Usually, every 3rd time i get on I am able to plug Rep Paul and Jeff usually agrees and says the standard "the 6% of us".... blah blah blah...

I always try to be funny...

Great job guys!

The people listening to these radio shows need to know the truth of depth of Ron Paul's support both from the military and the citizenry!



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Ron Paul's military donations

Ron Paul's military donations is what can shift the paradigm of hawk-conservatives. When I heard he was getting the most military donations since 2008 I thought "What?? I guess I should listen to what he's saying from the troops perspective". And with that, I was convinced that Paul has what it takes to keep this country safe.

It is his Ace that no one can take away from him. He's a humble man, but this is something he should play repeatedly in the debates.

"...people not trusting their neighbors..."

Means you're a Patriot.

(I just threw-up in my shoe...)

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Lol their server is down ! It

Lol their server is down ! It worked for a few seconds, then I start getting:

Server Error

Sorry, the server encountered an error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again soon.

Looks like RP supporters crashed it :)

Support our troop's pick for POTUS

They always say you should support our troops, but no one asks who do our troops support- and that is RON PAUL!!


This thread just lifted my spirits on a Friday afternoon!

Good for you calling in and spreading the truth!


Please don't call in qouting InfoWars

Please, please RP supporters, be very informed and articulate on the topic you call into a radio show about and please be civil! Too often I hear RP supporters flying off the handle going into some thing they read on InfoWars. Folks, no matter how you feel about Alex Jones and various conspiracy theories all this does is instantly turn off the host and audience and you only add to the "crackpots" comments.

Please do not call in drunk. We have enough grief with that DUI guy!

If you as a supporter truly care about RP gaining ground you must use some grace and tact when arguing positions especially to a combative host.

Keep your support strong, informed and positive! Go Ron Paul 2012 !

You have lost the fight to a large degree if...

...you can't associate with a courageous patriot who tells the truth.

Alex Jones tells the truth. RP shares the SAME message with a different approach. Some like his better, some like Alex's better, but the message is basically the same: END THE TYRANNY OF THE FED.

We SHOULD quote Infowars if for no other reason than to spread the truth. People who don't like Alex are ignorant, weak minded (brainwashed), or cowards.

RP likes and values Alex, as he does the JBS.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

If you want to convert people

If you want to convert people you have to change their minds on one idea at a time. The more ideas you use in a single session, the more likely you'll hit one or more that your listener has been trained to abhor, set off a knee-jerk reaction, and send him running. This will undo all your good work and make it harder the next time, because the idea will now be associated with the taboo item.

Unfortunately that means most of the random listeners you're trying to convert "aren't ready for Alex Jones". When an individual has changed his mind about enough subjects he may, individually, find Infowars and consider some of the other issues Alex brings up. But dumping the whole stack on him at once means you're guaranteed to drive anyone who isn't already singing in the Infowars choir.

As the hackers say, that's a big lose.

We have a real world to deal with. Let's do it in the most effective way that's consistent with our ethics.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Victim vs Responsible

Alex Jones is stooped in victim mentality, and feeds on that type of mentality, and perpetuates it. Ron Paul does not invoke or invite that type of energy. Alex Jones appeals to those who feel trampled on, but, other than promoting RP, does little, if anything, to empower people with positive action. Protesting, ranting and raving (with or without a Megaphone) is not empowering (other than feeling empowered through association), but perpetuates the victim mentality. Alex Jones appeals to those who need a leader (look for someone to give them freedom). Ron Paul appeals to those who want to lead their own lives, and are thus self empowered. The energies are entirely different.
Exposing the truth of the various conspiracies is an important step in the waking up process. However, unless people move on from being a victim to being responsible, they invariably continue to need a leader. Ron Paul exposes the farce that is the government, and empowers people with ideas of freedom, and how it can and does work. Ron Paul is much more inviting and palatable for those that have not woken up to the fact that the gov does not have our best interest at heart. All that to say that I concur that it would be prudent not promote, or at least over emphasize Alex Jones. People will discover him once they start thinking outside the box...


Write down your talking points before you call in, and don't call in unless you are absolutely sure how you are going to present yourself. Short, to the point facts need to be presented or statements with superior reasoning points.

On the other hand...

If you ARE drunk, then feel free to call in to support any of the other candidates' jingoism. Make it believable, but repulsive, so that folks will respond to neocon talking points with revulsion.

NOW I am ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Thx for intellectually arming me

I have had several micro-successes just wearing my Ron Paul tshirt and walking through campus-town, answering questions about RP for those who asked.

You guys ROCK!!! I am now inspired to do more, do better.

You guy's effing RULE!!!

This has really helped me in my approach to calling in, and dealing with people. I don't get mad, I (personally) am happier throughout the day, and I believe it is more effective (at least it has been for me). Here is my post explaining it:


reedr3v's picture



Great job!

You guys rock!


Good job.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Jefferson & Nui - Tag Team Dynamos!!

well done!

I heard you on the way home

Jeff is a RP supporter and has been for years. He is a libertarian and always has been. What we need to understand about him is he is a pessimistic libertarian. He does not believe that the 6% of us that have a brain can affect change because people –in their hearts- want to be told what to do and wants rules dictated for others in order to protect themselves. He clearly knows that is wrong, but he does not see the general population changing.

All he can do on “Our Little Show” is continue to point out the plain facts of the matter that we are idiot lap dogs that want others to be controlled in order to protect us. He is correct for the most part and a realist when it comes to politics. He knows it is about physical perception, period.

Keep calling in no matter what your call is about. I don’t just limit my calls to RP which allows me to be more likely to get on. I tried to call in last night also , but Thomas decided my humor had no place for the show yesterday. No biggie, you will hear me if you listen.

Tim on the 183

What I think the host means

What I think the host means by "people don't trust their neighbors" is that synthetic terror attacks, terror drills, terror threat color scales, and the 'if you see something say something' fear campaign is very effective at sucking the majority of the population into the whirlpool of foreign entanglements in the name of spreading democracy, and domestic spying privacy violations. I think he means that people LIKE being lied to and are addicted to fear. Fear works much like a drug, or sugar in the brain, a subtle yet powerful agent. For most people, they're content to sit on their couches and cheer on these unnecessary, never-ending wars on composite enemies to make them feel like they're safer, which is exactly intended goal of the psy-op being waged on the people of this country. I got the feeling listening to both the clips of you, Jeff, and Nui, that this host is genuinely honest and trying to be forthcoming with bis personal beliefs, but has been barred by the station bosses from outright endorsement of RP, and so he has to couch his words. Perhaps I'm being naive, or giving the host too much credit, but I NEVER hear anything like this (even one second of airtime mentioning RP) on the local flagship newsradio station in the metro Milwaukee area, where I live. Must be nice :) Keep up the great work.

Thanks for listening

and for the feedback. I wish I'd had more time to get him to elaborate. I think the nature of my questions may have gotten under his skin a little. In hindsight, I wished I had told him that I didn't want him to "carry the flag for RP but just NOT cut him off at the knees, even if it is unintentionally."
Ward is a popular media figure, in an area that is a pArry/Ohmamma stronghold.

They seem to go out of their way to make fun of pArry, but then in the same breath will say that he is going to be nominated, "because that's what you want" he says. I'm guessing he's referring to superficial people picking the packaging over the substance.

I called him several months ago when he was talking up trump. He was hoping DT would get into the race just so he could have some comedic material to work with.
This is unacceptable IMO. I know it is his radio show, but the time for jokes about the direction of this country is over. People aren't going to be laughing soon enough.

Ultimately, I don't know if he is "under orders", or if he REALLY feels like people are too stupid to choose the candidate that makes the most sense. I almost get the feeling it is the latter, otherwise I wouldn't have invested my time in trying to reach him.

Thanks again..

Local talk radio - powerful

Local talk radio - powerful way to fight back and spread the truth to a misinformed public.

Well done!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I can only hope they got it.

Bravo to your job on getting the word out and backing it up too.
We gotta get people to listen. Ron will take it from there
I keep telling anyone
"Ron Paul. Don't Laugh, Listen.
Hear what you're missing" so often that I designed a new t shirt saying just that with a graphic of Ron also.
you can see the new t shirt logo


Buy t shirts or design your own, Wear them, get them out there. Get people to listen. Do something because what we're doing ain't working.
Ron Paul Don't Laugh, Listen
All profits go to Ron Paul 2012

Good on ya!

see above

great job guys !

lol, he sounded quite annoyed at the fact that Dr Paul is receiving more donations than the other clowns :')