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Debate Strategy : Ron Paul IS The Leader and Here Is Why

I was sitting here and something clicked. Everyone on that stage tends to tell why they would make the best leader of the country. We know ron doesn't want to LEAD but rather PROTECT us but here is a great response that ron can and SHOULD use.

"You want to talk about leadership?"

I STARTED the tea party. Yes the tea party that michele over here is pretending to be the LEADER of. That was ME and MY supporters.

You want to talk about someone who can lead?

I am the one who started the movement to audit the fed.

You want to talk about what a president SHOULD be?

I would make sure that YOUR LIBERTIES are protected so you can live as YOU see fit. Do you really see anyone else up here honestly doing that for you? Or do you see them as I do, someone with an agenda that they will prop up once president LIKE obama did, bush did and most politicians we know.

He should speak about how HE got the TEA PARTY out there and as the main talking point. While the current tea party shown in the msm is "cute" it really needs an injection of the revolution.

The tea party needs to realize that a limited government and balanced budget MUST START with our foreign policy and GET OFF the israel protection mode that is so BEAT INTO our heads for some reason.

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