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09/13/11 Democracy Now! discuss Ron Paul boos

Starts @ the 28:00 min mark http://www.democracynow.org/

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Jim Leher on NPR today...

(my fav station...j/k!)

Leher as NPR guest was talking about be asked to past president debates and serve as moderator...had audio clip of GHW Bush and leading candidates being prepped by the networks as to what questions will be asked. Point being....lots of theatre he folks. Makes the 'leader' appear to think quickly on their feet when the answer has long been discussed and rehearsed. Lots of show biz here to make the elites look Elite.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Listen carefully

The boos followed Dr Paul's comment about the unfair treatment of the Palestinians by Israel. I can't help but think these boos were a 'planted' response. Noam Chomsky himself says Dr Paul's comments only stating the obvious truth. No reason to boo - and the smug look on Santorum's face looked like he was directing a choir.