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A firsthand account of "not learning the lessons of 9/11"

The following is a comment to an NPR article about the 9/11 10th anniversary.

Duwayne Anderson (DandyStryker) wrote:

My son, Jeremy, joined the National Guard before 911. He wanted to fight wildfires, help with rescue missions, and work with relief agencies during local emergencies. Then 911 came along and Jeremy was sent off to Iraq. He did two terms there. When he returned from Iraq he was a broken man. During a particularly harsh time in his life he spent time in the VA in Portland, but the VA wanted to clear out the hospital (it was Christmas time) so they "checked him out" with a bag of pills. My wife and I picked him up and took him to our home to recuperate. He died there on December 21, from a lethal combination of the drugs prescribed by the doctors at the VA. I found his body in the study. The hardest thing I've ever done was to walk upstairs and tell my wife our son was dead.

I don't pray at memorials. I understand that Jeremy's death wasn't an accident. Jeremy died because America is run by global oil conglomerates that use the US military to keep their product and shipping lanes safe. Jeremy died because an evil, stupid man from Texas became president and lied us into a war. I understand that other parents will lose their kids if we don't stop sending criminals to Washington.

The *only* candidate, Republican or Democrat, that could lead to less incidents like Jeremy's, is Ron Paul. I'm sure you've seen the statistic from the last year or two that more active military service members are dying from suicide than from combat.