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Celebrities for Ron Paul

The media blackout of Ron Paul and his message is a travesty to the country. I say we do something about this by getting celebrities to PUBLICLY endorse him. Let's organize a special concert in his honor (w/ dozens of celebrities!) in time for the early primaries (late Jan.) and get the event nationally televised or aired on pay-per-view. This is how we can do this:

Step 1: Gain at least ONE MILLION people to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter by the END OF SEPTEMBER. It will require EVERY Ron Paul supporter to spread the word IMMEDIATELY to as many people as we can. The best way to do this is to simply copy and paste this message or link it to every FB/Twitter page you come across (or just e-mail it to all your friends and family).

Step 2: With the power of a million voices shouting as one, we dedicate the month of October to "Clamoring for Ron". We spend the entire month of convincing celebrities to publicly endorse Ron Paul, and agree to participate in the concert in late January. A list of possible candidates will be provided in the Notes section of the "Celebrities 4 Ron Paul" Facebook page. Many celebrities may already be a closet supporter - but we need to give them the support they need to be able to publicly endorse him. That's why it's essential that we get at least a million supporters to participate in this - otherwise, we will simply be ignored or they may feel that doing so could be a risk to their career.

Step 3: The Revolution Super PAC is supporting our efforts. Once we get enough celebrities to participate in the concert, we will spend the remainder of year finding a venue, marketing the event, and organizing TV/PPV coverage.

This is a daunting challenge... some will say it's impossible. Maybe they're right... But it's worth trying. History is FILLED with the "impossible" being accomplished. When the original 13 colonies wanted to live a life of freedom and overthrow the yoke of tyranny, it was NECESSARY to defeat the most powerful empire in the world. So they got together and did what they needed to do. If we want Ron Paul to lead us into a new century of American history, we need to gather our forces and do the "impossible".

Look for us on:
Facebook: Celebrities 4 Ron Paul
Twitter: Celebs4RonPaul
E-mail: Celebs4RonPaul@gmail.com

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Be careful not to pester the celebs!

It's entirely possible to turn a sympathetic celeb against us if they feel like they're getting harassed.

Duly noted. Details along w/

Duly noted. Details along w/ guidelines will be explained on the facebook Notes section once the list is released.

Then they were never "with us"

Personally, I think this is the single dumbest idea primary election I've ever encountered.
Once it's general election time there will be 2 candidates--TWO. People will pick one or the other. Why bother getting Rob Lowe or Homer Simpson's endorsement before Ron Paul is either of the TWO??
I guess we'll just blame the media while we run a campaign that appeals to everyone EXCEPT the people who will actually vote in a republican primary. Then we don't have President Paul OR Congressman Paul--just establishment hacks. But we want "liberals" to not only stop being liberals, but to suddenly get motivated to vote in a primary election. That'll be the day. Sorry. I'll take all my negative votes with a grain of salt since they will be coming from sheeple who think an election is a computer game.

I think there is a growing

I think there is a growing number of "blue republicans" that it's worth a shot. Also, Obama is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole and enough liberals are becoming disenfranchised by his failures that they see Ron Paul as a possible alternative who supports ending the wars we are involved in.

Also, I believe that it's winning the primaries that's the key - if RP can win the primaries, there will be enough momentum to win the general election. I'm sorry you think it's such a stupid idea, but I'm going to continue to do the best I can for what I believe in.

Stupid was a bad choice of words

It's counterproductive. But, I'd rather see people out there doing something than sitting around doing nothing, so Godspeed.
I hope to be wrong and that your effort turns the primary our way.

great idea

I'm the same guy that posted

I'm the same guy that posted the super concert idea. This is a renewed effort of the same thing. I'm hoping this will be a simplified better organized way going forward; not to mention more widespread via use of Facebook and Twitter.

I've already been in touch with Zak, and the Revolution Super PAC, and we are all working together to get Dr. Paul into the oval office. The Super PAC specializes in fund raising, and creating and running TV/internet ads. It also has a grassroots council which Zak and I are working with. Zak is doing a cross-country tour and is doing a phenomenal job of getting it up and running. My efforts are to try to get some of the more widely recognized mainstream celebrities to publicly endorse Ron Paul with the hopes that we can put on a special event that will be nationally televised or aired on PPV. Being successful on all three fronts will go a long way towards getting Dr. Paul elected. So please donate to the Money Bomb, participate in the SuperBomb, check out the Rock the Revolution Tour when it comes to a town near you, and help try to get celebrity endorsement for Ron Paul as well.

I think someone on RPF is

I think someone on RPF is trying to get all followers into one spot..u might want to check it out..I do not use FB

Are u on twitter? if not,

Are u on twitter? if not, than just e-mailing ppl you know will help spread the word. I posted the same thing on RPF to try to get more ppl to participate. thanks for the heads-up.