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Ohio Leaders and Activists Endorse Ron Paul for President

Read the whole article here: http://www.thelibertyvoice.com/ohio-leaders-and-activists-en...

Columbus, OH, September 13, 2011. Grass roots leaders from across Ohio wish to make a very clear statement about the Presidential race – we endorse Dr. Ron Paul. A list of those leaders is at the bottom of this letter.

This statement is not an organizational endorsement, but instead a group of individual leaders who are tired of typical Republican establishment candidates whose rhetoric does not match their record. In this field, Dr. Paul is the singular defender of liberty, and has led the fight against big government in Washington for over 40 years. Rather than talk, he leads with his actions.

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My Endorsement

I'm from the Buckeye and I endorse RP too!!!!!!



Yeah! Nice list!

Yeah! Nice list!