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Neocon Poll of desperation has Paul at 8 percent Cain at 22..

This poll dosent pass the laugh test! Its a Gallup poll too.


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Cain's 999 plan, upside down,

Cain's 999 plan, upside down, is 666. Get that devil away from me....

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

And in German it means "No no no!"


That's a

good one.

I like Cain but

9+9+9=27. Since the consummer pays all taxes reguardess of origin that equates to 27% income tax.

Sorry, I can't go for it. You cannot tax the Rich or a business. It is not in the DNA of an economy. Since profits and salaries are controlled by the rich, they simply pass it on. Since they write the laws they know where to skirt their taxes and how to structure the result they want.
It is just the way of the World.
Corporations make a profit and so does a sustaining business. To be sustainable and profitable they MUST pass on their taxes. Guess who pays?

This is a study of positive

This is a study of positive intensity (how well liked a candidate is by those who are familiar with him/her). This isn't a poll of who people would vote for.

This is not your normal poll...

Pollsters think up the most bizarre ways to get stats from people, to manipulate the same people. Listen to any sports broadcaster and multiply by an order of magnitude. They are as useful as Freudian psych!

There is one goal: make money by selling the fraud to the highest bidder, become a prostitute for the numbers racket, all for the purpose of enhancing and facilitating another establishment, UN-change, election win; all for the purpose of perpetuating the status quo, the enlargement and life span of the feudal lord/serf system created by the Fed, protected by war!

The politicians who partake of this fest are the men in shiny helmets, who talk in slogans and think in bullets... bullets I might add, fired by their serfs, not themselves!

The good news is that only the nomination process can bring real change! That process is mostly out of the control of either the polls, or those shiny helmets!

It rests entirely in your hands, the hands of the grassroots! It is high time the small fires start spreading... and they are already!