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Ron Paul Predictions Prove He's Right about 9-11

Well, the Media is on a Rampage about Ron Paul's statement that our foreign policy contributed to 9-11. Is Ron Paul just anti-american? Does he hate america and our greatness?

How does he know it was our foreign policy that would lead to terror attacks?

Simple. He knows because he was warning us about that for years before 9-11!


He's not saying 9-11 was justifiable. But was warning us for years before 9-11 that something like 9-11 was going to happen if we continued our bad foreign policy.

The real question is, why don't all the other candidates and talk radio hosts who profess to know anything about political history, know about Ron Paul's predictions and warnings about a 9-11 scenario.

Ron Paul knew it and tried to warn us and that's why, despite all the ignorant hatred they pour out at him, he won't back down. Reminds me of all the great figures in history that stood up for what was right even when violently attacked for their stance.

Isn't that the kind of person you want as president?

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I really think that if more

I really think that if more people saw this video, they'd see that the reason Ron Paul sees our foreign policy as he does is because he predicted it before it happened.