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Are you sick of the MSM treatment of Dr. Paul? Let's DO something about it.

Why not start our own cable station? RPN, Ron Paul Network. I was on facebook commenting on the The Revolution 2012 documentary page and it got me thinking,everyone is sick to death of the MSM and their obviously distorted version of the news. Why not beat them at their own game? Lets create RPN the trusted TRUTH network. News with no spin, talk shows on liberty topics, investment strategy shows, shows that educate people on American history, the Constitution, sound money, hemp for fuel, other liberty minded candidates etc. RPN could even host their own debates! This network would help to fill the gap that our poor excuse for a public education system has created through their limited curriculum. Wouldn't that be awesome? I was looking at a site called tvstartup.com and saw something interesting: "Here is a little tid bit you might not know. If you are a local broadcast station a cable company is required by law to carry your station to their local market. The reason is so that a community can still get their local news, and weather. You can use this to your advantage." If we could get a "local" RPN station in all major metro areas we could get massive exposure. I know this might seem a bit over the top but I say "Go big or go home!" :) Dr. Paul's example has taught us that when we see injustice don't just complain, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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The best option in my opinion

is to continue to catch them in their lies and distortions with coverage and polls and make some good viral videos about each event.

They are pulling every trick in the book, but each time they get caught, it hurts them badly. How can we catch more of their tricks with solid evidence without just "theorizing"?

“I’m fully diversified. I’ve got some under the mattress, some under the floor boards, some in the backyard.”

You'd get better results simply picketing the debates....

with signs denouncing the phoneys who ask the questions.
Another method is to link every Ron Paul video to your social networks.