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Awesome educational video - inflation mathematics


I saw this video (all 8 parts) over the weekend and it was pretty mind blowing and yet very simple. It is focused on basic arithmetic in relation to growth percentages (such as how we measure inflation).

It points out how huge of an impact when will see when the numbers seem very small (like 3% per year for example).

It also addresses natural resource consumption (specifically oil) and some other political topics, but the focus is the math and the facts.

I can't express how awesome this was.

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bumping this - posted on a

bumping this - posted on a slow day and I don't think anyone watched it - worth a look!

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Been posted a couple of times before.

Free markets can compensate quickly. Governments are always too busy solving yesterday's problems for their cronys, to see the new problem in the making.

I enjoyed learning the math.

Free includes debt-free!