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The Way to Turn People Away from Perry and Romney

Talk about the bailouts. They both supported them. If you supported the bailouts you may not be the nominee, period. If you support taking our money and giving it to Wall Street speculators, if you want to take bad assets and dump them on the american people, then you cannot be the next president, and you ought to be so shamed that you wouldn't even dare run. if you vote for them you are supporting the bailouts.
Just reinforce this and they will slide. Ron should be the one to highlight it. Tea Party would never vote for them. Most Americans wouldn't.

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Romney's grave.....

Mittens grave was dug by Mitten, its called the Big Dig.

Fraud, theft, deception, corruption and the wrongful death of innocent people. And the perpetrators gave campaign money to Mittens........billions of waste and the wrongful all on Mittens watch.

Great idea. I can't see how

Great idea. I can't see how any self-professed Tea Partier could vote for Perry once they know he supported the bailouts (unless they're not as sincere about their beliefs as they say they are)

how do we make sure the

how do we make sure the campaign knows to hit them on this? Paul should lead on calling them out.

The campaign has to know

The campaign has to know Perry supported the bailouts. I'm hoping they're saving it until the current things he and other candidates are attacking Perry on (Gardasil, immigration, spending, taxation and the economy in Texas) take their course, and then at one of the upcoming debates, Ron Paul will call him out on the bailouts.

Yea, I just hope RP calls

Yea, I just hope RP calls them out before Bachmann does.