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Winning the Neocon Vote is POSSIBLE!

Look people the only thing we need to do to win the Republican Nomination is to win over a significant portion of the neocon vote. They unfortunately are a large part of the Republican Party. While you may shirk this off as "IMPOSSIBLE" - let me put forth some ideas and allow this idea to be considered.

Neocons are people who are terribly afraid. They are strongly influenced not by love or peace or prosperity but by the simple animal emotion of FEAR!

What Ron Paul has not won them over because he has not scared them. To get them to vote for Ron Paul they need to be scared of what would happen if they don't vote for him.

Ron Paul is making the mistake of looking week - like we are scared of Al Qaeda and being weak against terrorism. He needs obviously to turn that around.

What he should be doing is listing the threats we face here at home - and then showing how unprepared we are for them and the risk to our lives and way of life.

Its easy to come up with a list of things that scare neo cons. A dirty bomb, an EMP device, a 9.0 earthquake in LA, and the fact that Al Qaeda wants us to be vulnerable at home, that it was their plan all along to make us weak at home.

Neocons are more afraid of Iran than going bankrupt. They are more afraid of bringing the troops home than not being prepared here at home. That needs to change.

We need to show we are unprepared for these threats. Its easy to show with Hurrican Katrina that our response time resulted in many deaths. It took 3 days for them to respond and the New Orleans area was not very big. What if we had a EMP attack that covered the entire country? What if it is all of Southern California that is effected. We are definitely NOT ready and many Americans can die. No the response is not FEMA. The response in National Guard. And getting them back from Iraq is not good preparedmess.

This is what needs to be emphasized.

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EMP Attack can kill 90% of Americans - We are not prepared

Bringing the troops home keeps us prepared for an EMP attack which could kill 90% of Americans. Having our troops here is what is needed...


Americans need to be reminded that we're AMERICANS

You're proposing a new, better, fear-based Ron Paul just so we can attract ignorant people? Do you know anything about this guy? Anything at all?

Not in a million years.

Ignorant people are in control

Unfortunately a majority of the voters are ignorant people. I am not proposing a "fear-based" Ron Paul. I am proposing that he illustrate the need to bring our troops home. It is not enough just to say "we are safer with troops here." That doesn't capture the minds of most voters. He needs to point to examples of past failures such as the failure of fighter jets to react on time on 9/11 and that there were no demotions or firings after 9/11 - so if we didn't learn anything we are not safer. There are many threats that face us - this is consistent with his message and those threats are at home not overseas. How does bringing our troops home make us safer? He needs to cite scary examples of why, unfortunately if you don't then the argument is a little empty...

My favorite fear tactic....

on NeoCons goes like this....

"If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, Obama will win..."

Obama scares the shit out of them! It's almost laughable... no wait, it is laughable!

♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫

good idea

Pointing out the absence of our National Guard is a great example. Without the National Guard in every state we have little boots on the ground in most states to avert a ground invasion of China or anyone else for that matter.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

You have a point.

Neocons are frightened of everything.
They are extremely cowardly.
It's really embarrassing to even have to share a country with yellow-bellied neocons.

BigT, yeah, your comments

BigT, yeah, your comments will certainly win the neocon vote. The title of this thread is how to win the neocon vote. I wonder why the Paul campaign has not begged you to stop posting. If he loses the primary, it will be because of people like you being associated with the campaign. For the sake of The Revolution, either stop posting or grow up!