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Why don't we buy some of our own local AM radio stations and give the people a choice?

Today was the last straw for me on a local talk radio show in Buffalo N.Y. I call into local radio shows during my drive time between job sites, to squash propaganda and promote Ron Paul ideology. Tom Bauerle of WBEN 930 am allowed not even one sentence out after the mention of Dr. Paul and quickly changed the subject.

Then inspiration hit there is another station that recently folded WECK 1230 as I am sure like many am stations in your area they would sell for peanuts . The strength of our money bombs is strong and can quickly be used to buy radio stations or blocks of time on lesser known stations . This is imperative because with the media picking our candidates for us Ron Paul can not get positive coverage for the primaries and our own stations providing Liberterian perspectives and ideas . Breaking the chains of this propaganda machine must start locally and I believe will become quite profitable for it's new owners. People are thirsty for a little truth and most markets are not providing any choice.

What do you think? Can it be done?

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What happened to the Republic

What happened to the Republic Broadcasting internet feed that was running during the 08 campaign?

This one?


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Our local AM station carries Alex Jones' Show and you can buy

program slots for not that much. It reaches a large portion of this area and has a sister station in another state.


Check this out...


They have already put shows on XM radio and local affiliates. The work has been done, we just need to support it.

Here's what we should

Here's what we should do.


Get together a group of radio experts who can tell us how much money we'd need to begin a NATIONWIDE (all 50 states) radio network. Build a money bomb website with the goal being said amount. Surely we could reach it?


First it'd just be a national channel... but over time could bring in local voices and shows. I don't know how this stuff works, AT ALL, but as someone in internet marketing I think the potential is huge. This IS NOT internet marketing, which is why I love it. It's better, because it's people who're willing to LISTEN to what we have to say. Hell, they're searching for TALK RADIO.

What about XM/Sirius??

Liberty Broadcasting Network...

already exists... :\


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I like that name!!



That'd be great!

How much would it take for a money bomb buy out of Clear Channel Communications?

$26.7 Billion...


"Clear Channel buyout worth $26.7 billion"

Would require several "money nukes" each with multiple warheads... :)

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Build your own radio station.

By the late 1920’s, Amateur Radio was really beginning to hit its stride: worldwide DX was routine, Hams had access to several different types of transmitting tubes which were manufactured with them in mind, and superheterodyne receivers were beginning to creep into the psyche of more than just the “well-heeled” segment within the hobby. Yet the bulk of transmitters continued to be homebrewed self-excited affairs, quite often employing receiving tubes “pushed to the limit,” mounted atop sometimes finely finished wooden foundations.

The state of the art probably reached its peak in the year 1929, just prior to the implementation of new, more stringent regulatory standards which mandated that Amateurs effectively “pull up their socks” in terms of applied technical practices. What was once acceptable, would no longer be so in 1929.

Here is a brief mention of FM, AM, & SW.
Submitted by Mark Twain on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 22:42.

Hare New England Wireless Museum pictures.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Let's do it

This is a great idea - we should really try and do it.

The problem is probably that so few of us know anything about it. Where do you find rates? etc etc etc

If someone who knows (and it looks like some do) would share some information, then perhaps we could start doing this and reporting back in on our progress and lessons-learned.

While we are on this subject, list some liberty shows


It's on us to spread the word.

The shows that would be a perfect start...

The Jason Lewis Show (currently on GCN)
Free Talk Live (currently on XM 168)
Alex Jones (Currently on GCN)
The Peter Schiff Show (currently online)
Freedom Watch (currently on Fox Business)
Stossel (currently on Fox Business)

Throw in a few local shows in different geographic areas, and you got yourself one hell of a syndicated network.

Thanks...these should be on the main page of every pro-Paul site

We can also post links to them to help convert people.

I'm telling ya, people go to talk radio because they want adult discussion on important matters. But they only know to go to AM stations and NPR which are filled with controlled media.

People will happily embrace diverse opinions...and then, they will start thinking for themselves instead of giving their mind over to Rush, Hannity, etc.

Good idea...also, don't we already have some shows?

They should be pushed relentlessly...starting here.

I'd love to make up some Ron Paul/liberty media flyers and such.

People are starving for the truth and such shows could go viral if we spread the URLs and such around.

And in addition to buying radio stations, we could pay for an XM station (or something) devoted to liberty.

Compete head to head with Rush, Hannity, etc.


I, like some of the other commentors on this thread, have worked in the belly of the beast (neocon talk radio) for years and have been waiting for the day when someone with some vision would start a network that could compete in the marketplace with hosts and shows that represented true mainstream America. Not the phony conservative baloney that dominates the airwaves today.

I also agree that the internet is the way to go. Terrestrial radio is going to still be around, but the money needed to start something that could compete on that playing field would be substantial.

Having worked with some of these knuckleheads, I know what goes on behind the scenes and have some insight on what works and what doesn't. There is definitely potential here.....

Check your rates.

Our most popular local FM station covers about 10 counties and a 30 second spot costs $7.........I wonder if the Campaign has some 30 second radio commercials available for use? Small groups of donors could get these aired all over the Country. Just another way to harness the energy of Ron Paul's grassroot support. Do you think the other candidates have this? Hell, no.

alan laney


AM covers a much larger geographic region than FM...

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Really? AM is usually very high Watt! FM is low Watt, typically

I sense you are trying to convey that AM stations generally have wider coverage & their signals are cast over hill & dale... to the stratosphere & back.

FM signals are generally line-of-sight. Signals travel thought air directly from a broadcast antenna to receivers within line-of-sight.

Watts measure how much electricity is consumed. Go back to the early days of radio. 1927 say. Understand the advantages of FM vs AM. Over flat terrain, FM provides a very economical, high quality broadcast.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


transmission effectiveness is very complicated and depends on atmospheric conditions (mostly for AM) and line-of-sight (mostly for FM) but the general rule (very general) I always encountered was "FM has cheaper equipment and AM is cheaper to operate for distance"...

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Pretty good brief. Here are pictures to see what I mean.

What you wrote, is generally good working knowledge. Take a look at these pictures to see what I mean:
New England Wireless and Steam Museum

FM for small low cost, local broadcast (eg: Boston).

AM for large area and/or mountains (eg: New England). AM signal travels much farther.

SW travels cheaply with minimal HW across a hemisphere.

With digital packets & error correcting, all are capable of rendering excellent audio, video or other data communication. Look back into the history of wireless telegraph... Trans Atlantic SW wireless telegraph.


Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Shortwave is technically the best deal but nowadays most people don't have shortwave receivers except for tin-foil hat prepper types like myself. :p

Nice link, thanks... :)

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Internet covers more!!

hope for the best

The problem with internet

is that people have to intentionally make an effort to find your station. You'd only be reaching people who are already Ron Paul supporters. There's an infinitely greater chance of someone stumbling upon your station with conventional radio while scrolling through the frequencies. For that matter it's even better if you buy out an already existing station that many people may already have set on their presets. Additionally, I think most radio listeners are people commuting to and from work. People don't listen to Internet stations in this situation.

Having said that, I think you may be partially right. Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to do this would be to set up an internet radio station as a feed. Then, like has been mentioned in this thread before, we could have thousands of Ron Paul supporters set up micro-broadcasting stations around the nation. Each station may not reach a very large area, but with a large number of stations broadcasting, the coverage could be huge.

In the very simplest form a micro-broadcasting station could simply consist of a smartphone connected to an internet radio feed, plugged into an fm transmitter (the ones used for listening to an ipod through your car stereo). This won't have very good range, but I have seen these reach far enough to broadcast at least to your next door neighbors. Now, if you daisy chain several of these together, by plugging additional ones into radios tuned into the parent transmitter, and place them strategically, you could cover an entire neighborhood. Granted, for the cost of several of these, you could purchase the equipment to set up an actual micro-broadcasting station...


we're already all over the internet and I personally avoid internet advertisements like the plague with all my strength and every tool I can find. :)

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I remember last campaign there were several Ron Paul internet radio stations. Nobody but Ron Paul supporters listened to them. They were great and very useful for organizing grassroots efforts but I think they did little if anything to reach new supporters. It may be worthwhile for this reason to have an internet radio station again but we also need to reach new supporters.

People traveling...

on the road in their own vehicles are pretty much captive to radio... :)

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AM radio may be one avenue the internet is a better one!

The internet is a far better resource to reach potential allies than AM radio. Youth and old are infatuated with the social aspects of sharing their thoughts and not being ostracized for them. Build off of this!

hope for the best

I live in the

Mecca of neocon talk radio. I wouldn't even know where to start with this, besides, I think most of the people who listen to Rush, Hannity, & Levin (big3) won't listen to anyone else. They would have be pulled from this matrix of disinfo by them actually going online and doing 5 minutes worth of independent research, by tmeans like Youtube, which we supporters dominate, with grassroot videos & documentaries about politics & economics. These people are brainwashed, as I was too, but I watched a vid on youtube coincidentally named "Zeitgeist" and the FED portion woke me up to more non-"mainstream" alternative viewpoints.

Too bad..

Zeitgeist is by some of the most rabid global socialist utopians in existence. Their vision is to create a global command and control center run by "wise people" to control the production and allocation of all resources. :p

Also, they are theosophist wackos who talk to spirits...

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