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Ron Paul Wins OH Straw Poll!

Slate cites the Daily Paul as source:

Via the Daily Paul, we learn that the straw poll taken at the Cincinnati Tea Party handed a victory to Ron Paul.


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Amazing. Change is coming,

Amazing. Change is coming, people! Thank you to all of the Daily Paul members who went and voted.


...this clip @ slate was from the CINCINNATI straw poll on SEPTEMBER 13th.

NOT from today's STATE-wide Ohio poll.


realized that after I posted it haha.

hope things will continue as

hope things will continue as it is. the important thing here is longevity and consistency.



Gotta love it!

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BTW, Ron Paul WON the Ohio Straw Poll!

That's what the reporter sounded like while announcing this great win.

Forget whether Ron Paul is Top Tier or not.

Ron Paul is the Front Runner!!!!!!! He always has been.

RP Wins Ohio Straw Poll

Excellent job, DPers! Ohio DPers, if you were involved in this poll and informing us of it, thank you! northstar, thank you for bringing us the news that slate.com talked about the DP! Excellent, everyone!

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Just get them to listen

It's time to put on a new pair of kick-ass boots and show them how it's done. Let's have a "no holds barred" match and let Paulamania run wild, Brother!

We gotta get people to listen. Ron will take it from there keep telling anyone
"Ron Paul. Don't Laugh, Listen.
Hear what you're missing" so often that I designed a new t shirt saying just that with a graphic of Ron also.
you can see the new t shirt logo


Buy t shirts or design your own, Wear them, get them out there. Get people to listen. Do something because what we're doing ain't working.
Ron Paul Don't Laugh, Listen
All profits go to Ron Paul 2012

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Local polls reflect the grassroots' opinions & desires!

Wonderful, northstar!

Yup, the more we are ignored by the MSM the more we get energized at our local politics!
We ARE the people's liberty movement. No need to wait for TV anchor-shills to change their tunes: the obsolete medium will soon be as relevant as newspapers.

Score one for the DP!

Outing the hidden straw poll.

This is very good news!

This is very good news!