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Ron Paul on front page of Yahoo!



btw - I think the whole booing incident has been a net positive for Paul, he handled it well and people from both sides left and right have said he's telling the truth. It showed his resolve and character.

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Just a few shouted "Yeah!"

but many applauded when Paul offered his view about the role of churches when he began his medical career. Tea party opponents are eager to paint the whole movement as uncaring but that's not fair. In fact, big government advocates who press for more and more spending while America teeters on the precipice of economic ruin are guilty of criminal neglect IMO.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

my posted comment: I see many

my posted comment:
I see many comments here that seem to indicate that if there was government mandate, those without money insurance would have no choice but to die. Did you just read the headline and not listen to Paul's full response? He (a doctor) said that before the days of medicare and such, he never turned a patient away. Oh, and his son Rand Paul, also a doctor, also performs medical work for free: http://www.wkyt.com/news/headlines/Sen_Paul_performs_free_su...

In a free society, you are not forced by government do to anything, and that includes paying taxes for the supposed benefit of someone else. And when you have more money to yourself, you have more freedom to do voluntary and charitable work. Think about it - if suddenly you longer had to pay income tax or property tax or payroll tax, would you be more likely or less likely to donate your money and/or time to charitable causes? I invite anyone reading this comment to view a couple videos that discuss how in the book Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqeville stated that not only are civil associations (such as those who would like to provide healthcare for the needy) good for self-government, they are a necessary component of it:
example: Hearthside Cats - a group of concerned cat owners that provide shelters for stray cats and do a superior job to government pounds:
And no, it's not just cat lovers that provide care - see voluntary health care for the needy in action here in the U.S.:
And imagine how much more common that would be if we weren't forced to pay taxes (at gunpoint, if necessary) for the supposed good of others.


What I wrote yesterday at "Democracy Now" when a bunch were saying that Ron wanted people to die, wanted to screw the poor, and that his "anti choice" is a paradox.

I responded that Ron's policies will help the poor to help themselves. End the IRS, more money in every ones pocket to help themselves and others if they choose to. End the war on drugs which mostly targets minorities and the poor, End the wars over seas that for the most part is killing innocent poor people and also hurting poor people here at home. End the Fed, which would bring real value to the money you have and stabilize the cost of things. End the police state which mainly targets the working stiff. I could go on and on..

As far as the "anti choice" comment being a paradox..I had to say ,maybe you should put yourself in Ron's shoes. The man has delivered over 5000 babies, and you find it a paradox that he is pro life? One of the mans first experiences as a OB doctor was to watch a healthy baby be thrown into a trash can while the doctors moved on to the next patient.

Sorry but I also lost it and asked all the Liberals over there, where the hell is all your anti war marches now? You were out in droves when Bush was in office. Is it your pride? Because your messiah Obama blatantly lied to your face when he said the first thing he would do is bring the troops home and reverse Bush policies. Before bashing Paul supporters know that we are the strongest anti war movement still going. So now being the "intellectuals" that you all claim to be, why don't you start doing some homework before you start throwing around snappy one liners that make you look like uneducated fools. Interesting that not one person commented back. NOT ONE..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

I agree...the booing and

I agree...the booing and everything stands out and makes people look and see a principled man of courage. What politician in a debate straight out gets booed like that. NOBODY except Ron! The crowd and other viewers inherently know this and it makes Ron stand out. One of Ron's greatest moments was standing up to Guiliani...it shows as courage and even if people don't agree at first...they know he is genuine and that continues to grow REAL respect.

This was, as always, a good thing and will not hurt Ron.

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