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Peter Schiff Testifies Before Congressional Jobs Committee

So far I've only watch his opening statement (which was excellent) but you can watch the whole video here:


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Just saw the opening statement, and wow! One of the best openings I've listened too. Will watch more later. He is def. someone we need in Congress, esp. in the Senate where he can speak longer.

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Just Peters parts:

Just Peters parts:

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLmD9TeUC54

part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZbQGpf3D_Q

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Thanks, Wow,wow,wow

Peter did a great job don't know if any of them learned anything they all seem set in their ways.

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Peter is a rock star,

Peter is a rock star, bringing Austrian economic goodness in a cool and understandable way. Great video. I watched almost the entire thing. Peter's final example of why Ford succeeded with the Model T (I think) was awesome and I literally, LOL'D.

Peter did a great job, that

Peter did a great job, that was actually a very informative video to watch. Thanks for posting!

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I skipped around a bit &

I skipped around a bit & finished watching the majority of this vid - probably at least 2/3. I'm happy to report that Schiff got plenty of time to speak and he was very well received. The whole panel was decent except for the woman sitting next to Peter, who got EVERYTHING wrong. If you don't feel like watching the whole thing, I edited it to include Schiff's talking time, back and forths with others, and the context to what was being talked about. This Mp3 is about 42 minutes long, which is much easier to swallow than a 2 hour vid (plus you can listen to this on the go with your mp3 player): http://www.filedropper.com/schiffcongress

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There! At 1:38:38, Peter Schiff gets some exposure for Ron Paul.

He gives the example of a 1960 dime buying a gallon of gas.

Nice free advertising for Ron Paul into the Congressional Record.

Great closing example by Peter Schiff at 2:05:30.

Hopefully he'll run again

It's a shame that Peter didn't win his Senate race, he would be awesome to have in a political office. He is so ridiculously smart and debates very well. He's a champion for free enterprise.

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at 1:08:00, Peter Schiff really starts whaling.

He brought his A+ game to this hearing.

I just watched the whole thing


Peter Schiff is a lazer beam of Austrian economics and common sense.

A couple of the other testifying members of the panel were on the right track, but Schiff blows everyone away.

He would be brilliant as Treasury Secretary.


It boggles the mind how ignorant and incompetent stimulus backers and Keynesian's sound when you know even the basics of Austrian theory and common sense.

This guy Rep. Cummings is a perfect example of a member of Congress that is almost completely clueless when it comes to economics, finance, or the result of his policies.

His statements, inquiries, and responses to the panel were muddy, confused, and he kept falling back on faulty logic and reasoning to justify (what?): Spending More Money We Dont Have.

Its sad (and a bit frightening) to realize he is just one of probably hundreds of Reps and Senators that are equally clueless and dangerous to our economy and freedoms.

The token progressive economist on the panel (Boushey - to the left of Schiff) is also sad and frightening.

She was obviously intelligent and well prepared for the committee with her position. But her position is wrong, not only theoretically but EMPIRICALLY. The guy all the way to the left pointed out the history.

The "stimulus" never worked. Ever. She (along with people like Krugman) are completely deficient in understanding the real results of the programs they advocate ... the misinterpret everything .. and they are clueless about the root causes of why the dont work.

Schiff also tried to set her straight. I doubt it made any impact at all on her.


I respect Kucinich on foreign policy. On economics he is hopeless.

There is not a chance in hell he would work out as a potential VP for Dr Paul. They are diametrically opposed on economics and monetary policy.

Trust me you would not want him running on the ticket, or in place in a liberty administration with impact on economic or monetary policy a heartbeat away from the presidency.

No way.

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Peter Schiff begins at 31:10 into video.

Great opening statement.

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Thanks. I've been waiting to watch this.

Bumped, appreciated, & embedded.

Who invited him?

Some GOP congressman?

Schiff rules! He definitely

Schiff rules! He definitely gave Congress a good dose of what needed to be said.

the last hour of this was

the last hour of this was quite good

thanks for sharing

Glad to see Peter getting an audience

where it counts.

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Peter Schiff Text 31:12

"I thank you. My name is Peter Schiff. I guess you can say that I am in the ecomonic and financial gloom and doom business. And thanks to this body, president Obama and the Federal Reserve business is booming. I would rather profit from American success rather than her failure. Which is the reason I am here today. We have some serious structual problems underlying the US economy and we cannot solve them until we understand them. We have borrowed and spent our way into a gigantic ditch. We are not going to get out of the ditch by digging it deeper. We have to reverse the mistakes of the past. Not repeat them.
Government stimulus will never grow this economy. It will never create jobs. It is the equivalent of trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. We have to understand that the housing bubble, the financial crisis of 2008, 2 events that I predicted and warned about were the consequence of government stimulus. We stimulated our way into this problem. We are not going to stimulate our way out. In fact the stimulus is a sedative. The stimulus is preventing the free market from unraveling the problems of years of bad monetary and fiscal policy have created. We don't need more spending. We need the opposite of spending. What the economy lacks is savings, investment, production and if we try to preserve the jobs of the bubble economy with more reckless money printing and borrowing and government spending all we are going to succeed in doing is preventing the restructuring that we need and preventing more productive jobs from coming into existence"...

Continued on vid... good points about jobs from the Schiffmeister!

OMG.!! Schiff is getting

OMG.!! Schiff is getting TESTSY!!! LOL Check out 1:07:45 for the next few minute.s. He writes her a not and THROWS it on her side...LOL


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