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Healthy 30 year old. $65 per month, $5500 deductible, 0% Coinsurance

Just got the quote for a healthy 30 year old male from ehealthinsurance.com for an Anthem Blue Cross policy.

Remember, Wolf said the man had a good job and made a good living.

All it would cost is $64.45 per month with a $5500 deductible and 0% due after the deductible is met. So $5500 out of pocket, that is it.

So.....why should we pay for this person who decides to be COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE?

For the senerio Wolf laid out, the easy answer is for the man to get his care, get out of the hospital and have a large six figure bill. He should then have to declare bankruptcy and give up the house or cars and go through the process.

That is the punishment for his decision to be so irresponsible. That does not equal death.

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30 year old healthy man: $64.45 per month w/ $5500 deductible.

30 year old man on death's door?


For everything else, there's Hell, the other place, or somewhere in between.

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Good job.

These people like Blitzer who try to make this into a "but everyone is going to die" circus makes me tired.

I'm sure this issue will come up again. If it doesn't Dr. Paul should bring it up himself. Making the case of personal responsibility is the way to defeat most if not all of the unconstitutional programs the Federal government engages in.

Good point, BUT

Why should a man have to pay vig to the Wall Streeters just to get a fair price on health care.
You assume a healthy male who works cannot pay his bill, even if it is 6 figures. Really.....he cant ?
If he lived on credit from thin air and p-0aid for all his purchases with tomorrows money he declares bankruptcy. If he pays his bills and can earn money he can pay the bill. The question to you is this -
Why should he have to pay 2 or 3 times more than Blue Cross because he does not pay vig into a buyers club, it is not insurance. The quote you reference is not insurance, unless you can explain how one insures against the common cold or yearly immunization shots.

What we need is indemnified insurance with one to one capital pools, not an HMO brought to us by Teddy Kennedy.